We're 21-year-old twins with almost identical names…many think it's weird & we sleep in the same bed but we don't care | The Sun

A SET of twin sisters have revealed the things that they do, that other people might find strange. 

The 21-year-old twins, Jessie and Jessica, also known on TikTok as @botchwaytwinsx, recently took to the video sharing platform to reveal the weird things that they do as twins.


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They explained that they sleep in the same bed, eat their food together and have only ever spent a few hours apart from each other.

Opening up about their close bond, the twins said: “Hi guys, so we’re twins. I’m Jessie…My name is Jessica.”

Jessie explained: “So we saw another set of twins do this video and we wanted to do the same thing, it’s basically saying all the things that other people find weird, that we do, because we’re twins.

“At uni, we have separate rooms, but when we go home, in London, we share a bed.

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“It’s not two beds or bunk beds, it’s one bed.” 

Jessica then added: “One double bed and we both sleep in it.

“We have shared the same room and slept in the bed for 18 years, before we went to university.

“We could sleep separately, but that’s how we sleep.”

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Jessica then explained that the twins have barely spent any time apart.

She said: “We’ve actually never spent 24 hours apart.

“At most we’ve probably spent 2-3 hours.”

Jessie added: “Well one of us has gone to school and the other one hasn’t, but not a full 24-hours in our whole 21 years of life.”

Jessie then revealed that the pair will argue, but they always make up just minutes later.

She continued: “Basically, when we argue, other people will be like ‘oh my gosh, are you guys ok?’, but in our head, we’re usually going to make up in two minutes time.

“It’s never that deep. We’ll argue but it’s never that serious.” 

Jessica then explained that the pair eat every single meal together.

She revealed: “We always cook our meals together – we’ve eaten separately but Jessie will cook breakfast for the two of us, I will cook lunch for the two of us.

"Jessie will cook dinner for the two of us and I will cook breakfast the next morning for the two of us. 

“That’s how it works. We don’t eat separately.” 

Jessie then chimed in: “We have to agree. I don’t know how to cook a meal for one.”

Jessie also explained that the pair will hang out together and have the same friends, as she explained: “We have the same friendship group, because I feel like if I’ve made such good friends, why would I not want to share that with her?”

Jessica agreed: “It’s also, we like each other, we get on.”

Finally, Jessica explained that the sisters barely ever hug or compliment each other, as she noted: “We can’t compliment each other, it’s just cringe.

“When we hug each other, it’s never serious.” 

The twins’ video was posted just five days ago, but it has already racked up a whopping 469.7k views.

It has 88.9k likes, 1,464 comments and 694 shares.

Social media users were shocked at the sister’s names and were eager to reflect this in the comments. 

One person said: “Jessie & Jessica is wild 😭😭” 

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Another added: “I couldn't pay attention to anything after the names. 😳😂”

A third commented: “Y’all basically have the same name 😂”

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