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AS energy prices skyrocket, knowing how to save as much energy as possible has never been more important – and even the smallest of changes can make a huge difference.

Offering a helping hand, engineers at British Gas have listed their top recommendations that will slash the energy bills, saving you hundreds per year.

Fit a hot water cylinder jacket 

Chatting to The Express, the experts recommended fitting a hot water cylinder jacket – but make sure to insulate it too.

The tank is where the hot water gets stored after being heated by the boiler – and if poorly insulated, the heat will evaporate way quicker, meaning more energy consumed to re-heat it again.

“Without one, your hot water cylinder could be losing up to three quarters of its heat,'' they said, adding these are widely available in most DIY stores.

Properly insulate your loft and walls

Sharing their expertise, the engineers revealed that up to a whopping quarter of your home’s heat can be lost through the roof and a third of it is lost through the walls. 

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“Loft insulation can save you up to £315 per year on your energy bills, so pays for itself fast.''

According to them, it's not too difficult to insulate it yourself – however, those who need their walls insulated are better off calling experts.

Install lagging on all your pipes

Cheap and relatively simple to do, lagging means wrapping water pipes in insulation to help prevent freezing in the colder months.

Most DIY stores sell foam lagging, which can be cut to fit the pipes and fixed in place with insulation tape.

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Move furniture away from radiators

This may sound like a fairly obvious thing to do, but many households, the gurus noted, still have large furniture sitting right in front of radiator – which then blocks all the heat.

Desperate to keep the room warm, you'll put the heating to the max – wasting more money.

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Put TRVs on all radiators

With thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) households can set the temperature of each room individually, so they’re not wasting energy – and cash – on heating spaces that are empty.

Draught-proof windows, doors and chimneys

One of the most effective ans easiest ways to spend less energy and save money is draught-proofing – and there are plenty of ways homeowners can do this.

Listing their recommendations, the engineers suggested opting for self-adhesive foam strips, which are perfect if there's a gap between your door and the floor.

Even small areas, such as keyholes and letterboxes, can allow cold air into homes, so it's important to get these covered too.

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Make sure to regularly bleed radiators

Although this is a task many don't do often, bleeding radiators on a regular basis is important for an optimised heating system.

 “This will keep them running efficiently, and they could take longer to warm up and stop giving out as much heat if it’s not done.”

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