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WHEN it comes to home interiors, people all have different tastes – while some prefer a traditional aesthetic, others opt for more eccentric decor.

But according to two interior design experts, no matter what your personal preference, there are five design features that should be always avoided in any kitchen.

Speaking to The Express, the gurus warned the offending features will instantly make the room look cheap and outdated.

Bulky under-cabinet hoods 

While cabinet hoods are practical, they're not all aesthetically pleasing.

According to designer J.R. Coffin from Studio Den Den, it's best to look for one that's subtle.

“Not every kitchen has access to exterior exhaust – but large recirculating hoods mounted to the underside of your cabinets make your kitchen look more of a quick rental than a home," she warns.


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Suggesting an alternative, the interior design whizz advises opting for a hood that can be “sleekly integrated into cabinets, millwork, or even your microwave”.

Mismatched appliances

It's all too easy to gather kitchen appliances over time, and before you know it, you'll soon have enough to open your own shop.

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But J.R warns that a mix of materials and colours can result in your kitchen looking “hodge-podge and cheap”.

Instead, she recommends matching appliances with each other or the environment surrounding them.

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Short splashbacks 

The interior design whizz notes that a four inch tall splashback will make your kitchen look "small, cheap and outdated" – regardless of the material it's made from.

She urges homeowners to instead opt for a striking wall tile that runs from the top of the counter to the bottom of the shelf.

And J.R is not the only expert to think so…

According to Carla Bast, from Carla Bast Design, there's no excuse because tiles are fairly inexpensive and easy to install.

She adds: "It can really help to tie together your kitchen's overall look and feel, making it appear more expensive."

Laminate worktops

Interior design whizz Carla goes on to advise homeowners to steer clear of laminating their countertops.

Offering an explanation, she warns that the synthetic material simply doesn't have the "natural beauty or depth of real stone or solid surfaces."

Reeling off another drawback, she says they can also make the room look smaller due to their glossy finish.

Fluorescent lights

Carla warns that there's one type of light that should never be mounted on the kitchen ceiling – and that's a large fluorescent light.

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She adds that not only are they ugly, but claims they're too harsh and extremely unflattering.

Instead, she advises installing recessed lighting and adding decorative lighting over the centre island and kitchen sink to achieve a more luxurious feel.

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