Woman gets an angry note from neighbour slamming her Christmas decorations – so she responds by adding MORE tat

A WOMAN is at war with her ‘Karen’ neighbour after she slammed her Christmas decorations for not being festive enough – so she responded by covering her entire porch. 

She explained she's had a gargoyle, which she named Frank, outside her house for years and because he's “very heavy”, she doesn’t ever move it. 

But one neighbour wasn't impressed with the gargoyle, and left an angry note claiming he wasn't in-keeping with the festive season.

The woman said: “A neighbour complained that Frank should be taken down because he isn't ‘festive’ and is not what she considers ‘in keeping with the Christmas spirit.’"

So she jokingly popped a Santa hat on its head, saying Frank was 'now festive', but it sparked a war with her 'Karen' neighbour.

Rather than back down, the woman has proceeded to pile up quirky Christmas decorations, including rats, hippos and skeletons, vowing: “This display is going to take over my entire porch.”

The over-the-top decor has sent the angry neighbour, dubbed Karen, into a rage, and the woman keeps leaving furious notes – prompting the homeowner to stick signs outside her house telling her she’s been ‘a bad Karen’. 

The woman has set up a Facebook page to document the growing pile of decorations outside her house, much the annoyance of 'Karen'. 

Explaining how it started, the woman said: “So one of my neighbors left me a note informing me that my gargoyle statue is ‘not appropriate’ and ‘not in keeping with the Christmas spirit.’ 

“They firmly suggested that I ‘rectify the situation immediately.’”

After adding some more decorations, including a tree, an elf and a snowman, 'Karen' sent another note. 

The woman said: “Got a new note wanting to know if I think I’m funny. Why yes, yes I do. 

“I decided to add an elf on the shelf and leave a note back that the elf is always watching. I may add one item a day now like an advent calendar.  

“Too bad my porch is so small, I could really deck it out.”

The woman stuck to her word, adding a Die Hard sign, two skeleton dogs in Christmas outfits, hippos, rats in Santa hats, a Black Plague doctor, another snowman and Christmas wreath covered in toys shaped like the Covid virus. 

The 'Karen' responded again, with the homeowner saying: “Looks like we struck a nerve today.  

“Karen’s note today indicated that she is most unappreciative ‘that I would choose to put VERMIN on my porch.’  

“My display is ‘horrid,’ and my parents ‘must be so proud to have raised such a completely disrespectful and spiteful daughter.’”

The woman slammed 'Karen' for having a ‘Grinch heart’, and shared a snap of her decorations strewn all over the floor, adding she suspected her neighbour was behind it. 

Refusing to back down, she added even more skeleton rats – all in festive outfits – another gargoyle and even some flamingos, while she popped a Covid-face mask on the Black Plague doctor. 

She said: “Today, Karen wanted me to know that 1. I'm stupid and immature, 2. If I keep it up, I'll be sorry, 3. She's friends with the mayor, and 4. Her name is NOT Karen!—–ROFLMAO!!!”

She started adding signs all over her display, telling her neighbour to ‘stop leaving notes’ and she’s a ‘bad Karen’.

The woman continued: “She left me a note saying “HIPPOS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!” 

“Written just like that in all caps and a full ten exclamation points.

“I personally found this statement false and offensive. Who doesn’t want a hippopotamus for Christmas??  

“Okay, maybe it’s just me. Anyway, I put the sign up so she’d know how incorrect she is.”

Her growing decoration pile is racking up thousands and thousands of likes and she continually updates people of her war with 'Karen', and people are on her side. 

One person joked: “Hilarious. I adore your sense of humor. Thank you.”

Another wrote: “At this point I started laughing so hard I actually cried!!! You’ve made such a crappy year the funniest ever. Absolutely love your display & the posts!!!”

While a third thought: “Move into my neighborhood please! My cheeks are hurting!”

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