Woman shares genius way to check whether your man is faithful – and all you need is a lint roller

A WOMAN has shared her genius trick to find out whether or not your man is cheating – and all you’ll need is a lint roller.

TikTok user Andrea Lopez shared the trick with her followers as she made a shocking discovery of her own.

In the clip, Andrea says: “Ladies if you wanna find out if your man is cheating get yourself one of these and roll it all over their carpet.”

Andrea can then be seen doing exactly that, reaching every inch of the carpet with the stick white roller.

When she lifts it up she discovers a bunch of strawberry blonde hairs are stuck to the roller.

Pausing she says, “wtf” before pointing out that her hair is black.

Captioning her video, she adds: “He has some explaining to do.”

Her handy tip has since gone viral, amassing over 2.8 million likes and thousands of comments from grateful girlfriends.

“Sis that looks RED” commented one, while another added, “That’s not even close!”

A third wrote: “I guess everyone is single after this, huh?”

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