Woman shows how to ditch flat ponytails forever and it only takes two minutes

One woman shares how to create a glamourous high ponytail in minutes using an easy hack.

USING only a standard hairbrush, hair ties and her hands, Karla Kazemi shared a video on how to ensure your ponytail never looks flat.

Posting under her TikTok domain @karlakazemi , Karla revealed the easy step starts by separating your hair in two halves and making a pony on top.

"Slightly pull the hair tye, create an opening through the middle, and pull the hair through underneath," she explained.

Going on to demonstrate step two, she added: "Next tie the second pony, and pull the second pony through the opening of the first pony. There you have it, a super cute, high pony."

The video titled "Bye Bye Flat Pony" has racked up a whopping 16M views and over 815K likes.

TikTok users show their gratitude for learning this nifty trick in Karla's comments.

"GURRLL…I did it last week and everyone told me it was super cute! Thanks" commented one woman.

Another user posted: "Amazing thank you! I always wanted to do high pony and end up putting a hair clip under my ponytail."

Karla shares a range of hair hacks and beauty tips on her platform, where she has 504K followers.

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