Woman who didn’t want to pay for a pricey snowy Christmas tree shares £1 hack which gets them looking instantly wintry

CHRISTMAS trees are a focal part of the home during the festive season and many of us take a lot of pride in decorating our trees.

You want it to look perfect and impress your family and friends, right?

Well, for those of us that have the standard green or black artificial tree and are fed up with it not looking wintry enough, one woman has the perfect hack for you.

And no, it’s not to buy a snowy tree that often comes in with a heavier price tag than the standard plain ones. 

All you need is talcum powder! 

And the best part?

It costs literally £1! 

Katie Ellen from Newcastle, took to TikTok to share her hack for sprucing up her Christmas tree and we are obsessed. 

She said: “I ain’t paying for a frosty tree.”

In the video we see Katie completely transform her plain, boring black Christmas tree to a cute, cosy one.

And it’s all thanks to talcum powder.

In literally seconds, Katie’s tree is transformed by the talc, and it looks great.

Katie’s video has clearly impressed many as it has racked up 316.6k shares and 13.5k likes.

It has more than 300 comments and 811 shares. 


Many TikTok users quickly flocked to the comments to share how much they loved Katie’s tree.

One person said: “I’m doing this to my mums tree now bye.” 

Another added: “You understood the assignment.” 

A third commented: “Omg what a good idea!” 

Many other TikTok users revealed that they actually use snow spray to glam up their trees.

One user commented: “I have a standard green tree and every year I buy snow spray to get it like a “snowy” affect. £1 from Poundland.” 

Another said: “Use snow spray from the pound store.” 

A third added: “Snow spray is better and will stick to the tree for longer.” 

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