Woman’s clever ‘receipt trick’ will reveal if your man is a cheat – and he won’t suspect you’re on to him

A WOMAN has shared her clever and very discreet way of finding out if your man is faithful – and all you’ll need is a receipt.

TikTok user Kandy_Dime shared her tip with her followers captioning her video “how to catch a cheater.”

In the video, she simply slips a receipt in between the sun visor on the passenger side of her man’s car.

The theory is that when the suspected mistress then pulls down the visor to use the mirror the receipt will fall out.

Kandy says: “You know what’s missing and you know what’s up, you know what time it is.”

The clip has since been viewed almost 20,000 times and hundreds of likes from suspicious spouses.

However, not everyone was convinced by her trick.

“Or the dude uses it to block out the sun while he’s driving”, wrote one.

Another agreed adding, “But how do you know that it’s a girl and not a guy who opens it?”

“I can’t be the only one who thinks this is pretty toxic”, added a third.

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