Women go wild for £14 hot water bottle ‘pouch’ which is a lifesaver for stomach cramp pain relief

AS THE temperatures plummet and we hurtle towards winter, hot water bottles are on everybody's mind.

But as most women know, there's another all-year-round use for them, pain relief at that time of the month.

Now women are going wild for £13.99 hot water bottle 'pouch' from Amazon – which they think is an absolute lifesaver for stomach cramps.

TikTok user Alex, who posts as @smallex4ft11, gushed about the cuddly koala product in a viral vid.

"On this latest episode of things Alex bought from Amazon that she didn’t really need but she definitely did need – a hot water bottle pouch," she said, modelling the purchase.

"Look how cute this is, £14 for the mini hot water bottle, the pouch, which you can strap anywhere. If you’ve got back pain, strap it on your back.

  • Hot water bottle pouch, £13.99, Amazon – buy here

"I’ve got cramps so I strapped to here, my hands are free [I] can eat my pasta.

"And it came with two hot water bottle cases as well, in case I don’t feel like having a cute little pouch and I wanna hold it. I can do that. Life is great.”

Commenting on the clip, women insisted they "need" the pouch.

“I need this,” wrote one woman. “I usually tuck it in my trousers,” she added, explaining what she does to ease stomach cramps.

Another said: “Same and I end up looking nine month preggo then I forget it’s down my trousers and get up and almost lose the trousers.”

While a third said: “You’re telling me that I’ve been shoving them in my pj trousers forever and these exist…”

And a fourth woman admitted: “That’s goin’ STRAIGHT in my basket."

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