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DO you like to think of yourself as a fast reader who could beat your peers? 

Now’s the time to put that theory to the test as a new speed reading challenge has gone viral on social media – and you have to seriously keep your cool to pass. 

TikTok account @cloutatlas shared a video with his 335 plus followers, challenging them to see how quick they are at reading.

In the caption alongside the video, @cloutatlas explained: “This is a fast speed reading test to see how strong your reading skills are.”

He then shared how there would be four levels, which increased in difficulty and speed.

@cloutatlas said: “Stop! Here’s a test to see how fast you can read.”

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The test then got underway, as phrases flashed up on the screen to determine your speed.

Level one meant that you would be able to read 450 words a minute.

The sentence read: “Everyone should be able to pass this level very easily. You would have to be extremely slow at reading to fail this.”

This then led onto level two – 500 words per minute – and the sentence: “Once again, every single person should be able to read this comfortably and easily.

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“Most casual conversations are spoken at around this speed, so reading at this speed should be easy.”

Things shift up a gear at level three and the 600 words per minute mark.

This time, people have to read the following words on screen: “Many people will start to struggle at this speed.

“This speed is faster than your average speed that an auctioneer speaks at during an auction.

“You have very good reading skills to read this without struggling to keep up with the words.

While level four took things up a further notch, as @cloutatlas revealed that you have to be in the top tier to pass this part of the test and can read 700 words per minute.

This time, it read: “Reading at very high speeds such as this is an important and useful skill to have that helps to reduce the time spent on reading and understanding texts.

“This skill is an especially important skill for those who read large amounts each day, such as students and editors.”

Why was level four easier than three?

And the test completely split his followers right down the middle.

Some said they found it incredibly “easy” to get to level four and that they would like to have more levels to see if they could keep up. 

One wrote: “Killed it with no problem.”

A second agreed, as they typed: “Why was level four easier than three?”

While a third person jumped on the bandwagon, as they wrote: “All four, could have gone faster.”

And a fourth said: “The first three were irritatingly slow for me. The 4th was a comfortable speed I found.”

However, others were surprised to find that they couldn’t keep up and struggled with the rapid sentences. 

One person said: “The longer words got me at 4 but I still made out the sentence.”

As another said that they also found the end more challenging.

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They wrote: “My understanding speed is a 10 but my reading speed is a 2.”

So where do you sit on the spectrum – are you a speed reader, or could you do with some additional practice?

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