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CARPETING is a comfortable and appealing way to floor your home.

Cleaning a carpet, however, is not so pleasant.  

Because of their soft and layered texture, carpets tend to collect dirt and debris.

While there are a number of companies that offer cleaning services, hiring someone can become expensive.

Luckily, a woman who goes by @SouthernEscape on TikTok shared an easy tip for shampooing your carpet.

“What happens when you put an entire gain pod in your carpet shampooer? Well, let’s find out,” she said.  

After dropping a pod into the shampooer, she began sweeping the carpeted living room floor.

An instant later, we see just how effective the trick is.  

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Showing the newly-cleaned carpet, she said: “Look at those crisp lines! O M G.”

The cleaning guru was equally shocked by the amount of dirt that poured out of her shampooer when she emptied it into the toilet bowl.

Excited about her discovery, she moved on to her home’s hallway.

“Here’s the before,” she said while pointing the camera at a scuffed up, spotty carpet.

The pitch-black water that soon filled up the shampooer was both horrifying and satisfying to see.

Her “after” shot revealed a crisp, even-colored carpet.

Many viewers confirmed the hack’s success rate:

“I have the same carpet cleaner and I just did this and it’s awesome. Just rinse real good after,” one comment read.

Another offered an additional tip: “I do that and then mix the scent beads with super hot water and use that to rinse. Best smelling carpet ever.”

This isn’t the first time TikTokers share their carpet cleaning hacks.

In January, a woman named Kit—who goes by @cloverK8 on TikTok—shocked the internet when she used a lint roller to clean her carpet.

She began her video by saying: "I saw an ad for this lint roller tool on Instagram and a lot of people were saying they used it to clean their carpets, so I bought it and I'm going to see if it works or not.”

After scraping the floor with her lint roller, piles of hair, dust, and other particles instantly came up from the carpet.

She said she was surprised to see the amount of debris, given that she actually does vacuum on a regular basis.

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Precise tools like hers, however, seem to extract a hidden mess that even vacuums can’t get.

Time to get down and clean!

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