You've been cleaning your floor wrong… woman shares simple hack to get sparkling floors in seconds | The Sun

CLEANING our floors is something we all know how to do, right?!

It’s as simple as getting a bucket of water and a mop and your floors will shine in minutes.

But one woman has shared her simple floor cleaning hack and we’ve realised we’ve been cleaning our floors wrong for years…

Tanya uploaded the video to her TikTok account ‘tanyahomeinspo’ alongside the caption ‘This hack right here is a game changer’.

And we agree – it really is a game changer.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

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Tanya said: “This hack will blow your mind.”

Instead of filling up her bucket with water, Tanya simply places a small bin in her bucket and fills THAT up.

Tanya fills the bin up with detergent and boiling water and therefore uses this clean water to put her mop into – rather than putting the dirty mop back into the bucket’s water, that is gradually getting dirtier and dirtier as you clean your floors.

So with this hack, because you have the bin containing the clean water, and the bucket containing the dirty water, when you wring out your dirty mop, the filthy water will actually go into the bucket, rather than the bin.

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Meaning that you are only using clean water to wipe your floors.

Tanya said: “This way you’re only using clean water to mop your floors.

“Isn’t this hack amazing?

“This method is a much better alternative as you are not dipping in the dirty water…you are dipping in clean water each time you mop.”

No more ‘cleaning’ your floors with dirty water with this hack!

Many commented on Tanya’s video about her ‘genius’ hack and couldn’t believe that they hadn’t done this sooner.

One person said: “Why didn’t I think of this before?”

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Another added: “Should have gone on Dragon’s Den, could have made a fortune. Thousands will be doing this, I most definitely will.”

A third commented: “Mind blown x 10000.”

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