You’ve been fake tanning your face all wrong – beauty fan reveals how to get a perfect, even bronze

THERE'S nothing worse than applying fake tan, only to be left with a patchy, uneven face.

But one beauty fan has come up with a clever hack she claims leaves her with a perfectly bronzed complexion every time.

Theresa took to TikTok to share the trick, in which she uses the £6.99 Solait Ultimate Dark Mousse from Superdrug.

"This is the best tan I’ve found for my face," she told viewers.

"All of those tans I’ve tried on my face, they’re not great – I’m going to be honest. But this is absolutely amazing. 

"So this, with the hack I’m about to show you – oh woah, hello 2022!"

Theresa began by thoroughly moisturising her face, citing E45 Moisturising Lotion as her favourite low budget moisturiser.

Then she took two large cotton wool pads and applied three pumps of the tan to one of the pads.

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She then took the other pad and placed it on the top of the foam, before patting it gently.

After leaving it for 30 seconds, she removed the top pad and used that one to apply the product to her face.

"So it’s all applied now," she said.

"What I’m going to do is in half an hour, I’m going to do the exact same thing again.

"Then I’m going to go to sleep, and in the morning I’m going to rinse it off, and come back and show you."

She then returned the next morning to show off her perfectly even, bronzed face.

Theresa's video was quickly inundated with comments from other beauty fans praising her for the hack.

"This is one of the best tans around!! It’s massively underrated," one person wrote.

"how have you not got more followers!!!" another viewer wondered.

"Love the tip," someone else commented, while another added: "I can’t help but wonder how on earth did someone figure this out."

Theresa added in the video that she only uses the Solait fake tan on her face, and has yet to find an equally successful tan for her body.

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