You’ve been grating your cheese all wrong… and the right way is MUCH less messy

HOLD on, here's a hack that will change your cheesy topped pasta game forever.

This 23-year-old's smart move will make your grater make sense again.

The mum posted a cheese hack that has racked up 2million views on Tiktok.

The hack is simple, obvious, yet not many of us have ever seen it before.

All you have to do is turn your cheese grater on its side so that it is flush with your work surface.


Then grate by pushing the cheese along the grater rather than the usual up and down motion.

This will make the cheese land on the next metal side underneath, catching your freshly shredded dairy.

Now, the grater conveniently holds your shredded cheese, making it easier to move from room to room.

This hack also involves less washing up as you no longer have to have a plate or bowl underneath the utensil to catch the cheese and get dirty.

If it saves on the washing up, you can sign us up.

Tayla has 17k followers on the video sharing app where she shares home hacks, cleaning tips and the realities of motherhood.

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