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SPORTS BRAS are a must-have for big-breasted women to enjoy a carefree workout – especially since your assets should never get in the way of exercise.

So, why is it so hard to find a good one? Well, we're here to help you choose with our selection based on our knowledge and online reviews.

Are sports bras good for large breasts?

Ordinary underwear just doesn’t take into consideration the bounce – that painful, distracting and annoying factor that comes with exercising when you have big boobs.

An ill-fitting sports bra is not only irritating, but it can also damage your posture and muscles as tight straps put added pressure on your shoulders. But, shop around and you won't have to suffer.

Whether you're doing some calm and collected yoga, or working up a sweat in a spin class, there are a variety of styles out there made for every situation.

Despite being a necessity, finding a sports bra for a DD+ chest can often feel like an impossible pursuit – they're like rare, hidden gems and are often expensive.

But have no fear, we’ve got your back (and your boobs) with all the best sports bras for large breasts available on the market right now.

We tested: Pour Moi Energy Empower Lightly Padded Convertible Sports Bra

  • Energy Empower U/W Lightly Padded Convertible Sports Bra, £16.80 from Pour Moi – buy here

Pour Moi is famous for designing gorgeous lingerie in a wide range of cup sizes, and luckily for us their sports bra offering is no different.

We tested out their Energy Empower Sports Bra and were impressed with the level of support it provided for both medium- and high-impact sports.

The sports bra kept the girls firmly in place during high impact activities, allowing us to focus on the task at hand rather than any unwanted movement or bounce.

It has wide adjustable convertible straps and is underwired for extra support, and has a cushioned elastic band for comfort, all of which we felt did their job perfectly.

The bra is available in band sizes 32-38 and cup sizes B-G, and it comes in a wide range of beautiful colours and patterns.

Some of the sports bras have matching leggings too – which we can also attest are great.

Shock Absorber Active Shape Support Sports Bra

  • Shock Absorber Active Shape Support Sports Bra, £36 from John Lewis – buy here 

Shock Absorber have created an Active Shape sports bra for everyone from an A to an F cup.

The contrasting black and neon colour scheme feels futuristic and fabulous as a high impact level bra, it’s ideal for running, aerobics and martial arts.

It boasts breathable, light-padded cups and mesh for extra breathability and, ultimately, superior comfort.

In this, you’ll never have to worry about any uncomfortable bouncing.

adidas Ultimate Bra

  • adidas Ultimate Bra (Plus Size), £45 from adidas – buy here

Don't let big boobs stop you from reaching your potential when you work out: adidas' 'Ultimate Bra' will assist you.

Designed for full body workouts, this moisture-absorbing bra has moulded cups, a mesh back for breathability and an adjustable padded strap to suit your body.

In short, it’ll support you through the most dynamic workouts.
It comes in back sizes 30-48, and cup sizes A-G – offering a fantastic range of support for plus sized girls who love to sweat.

Freya Sonic Sports Underwired Moulded Crop Top Bra

  • Freya Sonic Sports Underwired Moulded Crop Top Bra, Hot Crimson, £40 from John Lewis – buy here

Going all the way up to a 36G, John Lewis' Freya Sonic sports bra will be like your second skin when you work out.

Providing maximum coverage with breathable fabric, it has a supportive curvature wire and Coolmax moisture-wicking interior.

Marks & Spencer 2pk High Impact Non-Wired Sports Bra

  • 2pk High Impact Non-Wired Sports Bra, £21 from Marks & Spencer – buy here

Everyone loves a two-in-one deal, especially when it means you're getting two high quality sports bras for just over a tenner each. Bargain.

Marks & Spencer's Light Jade and grey patterned, high-impact sports bras go up to size 42H and both have full cups for extra coverage.

Wear the straps as cross-back to get extra support. As they aren't wired, you'll hardly feel them as you exercise.

The Classic White Sports Bra: Elomi Energise Sports Bra

  • Elomi Energise Sports Bra, £28.80 from Very.co.uk – buy here

Every woman needs a classic white sports bra like Very's Elomi Energise bra.

From the microfibre, sweat-wicking fabric to the adjustable racerback, this is a flattering bra that'll go well under tank tops.

Going up to a size 46H, it's an easy go-to bra that will take you through years of work outs.

Glamorise 1067 No Bounce Sport Camisole Sport Bra

  • Glamorise 1067 Sport No Bounce Camisole Sport Bra, £41 from Simply Be – buy here

Our favourite feature of the Glamorise 1067 bra is that it has a high neck compared to other styles, ensuring full coverage, avoiding any cleavage spillage whilst you're working out.

Combining moisture-wicking fabric, plush bust control and a two-way stretch back that secures straps in place, this will work wonders for high-impact sports.

Although it’s a higher price, see it as an investment for your health – your body deserves to be looked after.

Elomi Energise Underwired Sports Bra

  • Elomi Energise Underwired Sports Bra, £36 from Simply Be – buy here

If you feel safer having your breasts supported by underwiring then opt for this Elomi Energise Underwired Sports Bra.

Featuring three-section cups with smooth shape, lift and separation, this moisture-wicking bra comes in a neutral tone, ideal for wearing underneath white tees or tanks.

It's so comfortable, that you'll want to keep it on even when you're not working out!

Naturally Close High Impact Sports Bra

  • Naturally Close Pretty Secrets High Impact Sports Bra, £22 from Simply Be – buy here

You can always rely on a racerback bra for maximum support, especially one with a high neckline.

As another non-wired style, Naturally Close’s high impact sports bra is extra comfy too.

It’s not just a bra, as a trendy option it can pass as a sports top too when teamed with high-waisted leggings.

Reebok Puremove+ Bra Motion Sense

  • Reebok Puremove+ Bra Motion Sense, £35 from Reebok – buy here

Reebok’s PureMove black bra is made with Motion Sense Technology – the fabric literally responds to your movements, made to look after your body as you train.

This racerback style has cleverly-placed air holes, so your boobs can breathe, and the moulded cups minimise chafing.

Explaining the higher price point, there are amazing reviews – plus, people are really into the red pop colour interior.

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Non-Wired Sports Bra

  • Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Non-Wired Sports Bra, £46 from John Lewis – buy here

This Shock Absorber bra has been designed to minimise excessive breast movement for running and high impact sports.

It has an Infinity-8 support system, wide padded non-slip straps, and is made from a performance fabric that wicks away moisture.

It comes in back sizes 32-38 and cup sizes C to FF.

Shock Absorber technology makes them some of the best sports bras for big boobs out there.

Sweaty Betty Ultra Running Bra

  • Ultra Running Bra, £50 from Sweaty Betty – buy here

With eight gorgeous colours to choose from, this Ultra Running Bra from sportswear-giant Sweaty Betty offers high support for the girls.

This bra offers full, mouldable coverage for high-intensity workouts and runs in cup sizes A-F with full adjustable straps that boast added shoulder pads for extra comfort.

It's a good looking bra, with maximum comfort and support – offering both style and substance.

Do sports bras stop bouncing?

When it comes to choosing the right sports bra, having enough support while you're exercising should be your first priority.

While it's unlikely that it will keep your breasts completely still, a good bra should soften the bouncing by more than 50 per cent, according to fitness experts.

How do I choose a sports bra for heavy breasts? 

If you're wearing anything above a C cup, there a few things to keep in mind to avoid painful boob bouncing.

Ditch the traditional sports bra, which usually has a single flat panel and opt for one with two separate cups that will give you decent support.

You’ll also want to look out for options with higher armholes and decent coverage at the front (avoid plunging necklines), so that your breasts aren't spilling out of the neckline or underarm.

Finally, pick bras with wide straps that will evenly distribute weight without digging into your shoulders and provide greater comfort compared to narrow ones.

How should a high impact sports bra fit?

Getting your measurements wrong can lead to sagging, back or neck pain and even scarring, so it's important to get a sports bra that is right for you.

It should feel a lot more close fitting than your ordinary underwear although sizes are the same.

As a general rule of thumb, you should just about be able to get a finger under the supportive lower cuff of the bra, and it should be tight without cutting into your skin.

Similarly, make sure the straps don't slip off or dig into your shoulder during high-impact activities.

If you feel the band is riding up in the front or pulling at the back, it probably means it's not the right size and you're not getting the full benefit of support.

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