A Look At How Tyler Perry Built His Multimillion-Dollar Studio

American award-winning billionaire actor, producer, screenwriter, and director Tyler Perry has made a name for himself by not just making it big in the entertainment scene but by carving a niche for himself while at it. The 52 years old actor is widely renowned for creating and performing Madea, a movie character. In 2006, Tyler established the largest film production studio in the United States, Tyler Perry Studios which is currently worth about $907 million in revenue.

From Scriptwriting To Acting: Tyler’s Rise to Stardom

Having lived the reality of a rough childhood, Tyler Perry sought refuge in the art of writing. The young and vibrant Tyler was inspired to pursue a career in writing after watching an episode of The Oprah Winfrey show which inspired and birthed his first musical, I Know I’ve Been Changed which addressed social issues such as child abuse and domestic violence. He didn’t get to perform the musical until he moved to Atlanta where he dedicated his life savings to performing I Know I’ve Been Changed at a community theater. Despite the various setbacks he encountered, he didn’t give up and kept on with stage performances till he was able to make enough money from ticket sales to fund his first film, The Diary of a Mad Black Woman which turned out to be a huge success for him at that time grossing about $50.6 million. Since his first film, nothing stopped Tyler Perry.

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Fort McPherson Before Tyler Perry Studios

Fort McPherson, Atlanta, Georgia used to house a former military base. The United States Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), United States Army Reserve Command, the United States Army Installation Management Command, Southeast Region, the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command, Southeastern Region, The Army Contracting Agency, Southern Region Office, and the United States Army Central all had their headquarters and offices in this massive facility making it rank among the largest command centers in the U.S. military. The army base was active from 1885 till 2011 when it was closed down due to the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) recommendation. 330 acres of this lot was later purchased by Tyler Perry in 2015 to develop the present Tyler Perry Studios.

Record-Breaking 330 Acres Purchase

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Tyler Perry made a giant stride by purchasing 330 acres of land at the former Fort McPherson’s army base in Atlanta for a whopping $30 million in 2015 with plans to make it the headquarters of Tyler Perry Studios. Since the purchase, Tyler Perry has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in building structures and making it the breathtaking site that it is today.

The 330 acres of land purchase houses about 21 movie sets, 12 stages, more than 40 historic sites, and over 220 acres of green space making it the largest film production studio in the United States. Isn’t that fascinating?

Tyler’s State-Of-The-Art Sets And Soundstages

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The size of Tyler Perry Studios and the environment it is located in makes it able to creatively provide everything a production team can think of. In Tyler’s studio, there are about 21 permanent sets. These sets include a 16000-square-foot mansion, a bank, a luxury hotel lobby replica, a modern courthouse, a motel, a chapel, a white house exact replica, baseball fields, a trailer park, and a prison yard. That’s not all, Tyler Perry Studios also boasts of a county jail, a coffee shop, a farmhouse, lakeside cabins, a luxury diner, a residential cul-de-sac with 12 real homes, an airplane, a historic district, a rustic cabin, a tennis court, The Dream building which houses the studio headquarters, and very lush greenspace spanning about 200 acres. Is that not amazing? Wait! There’s more!

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Tyler Perry’s Planned Expansion

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Just very recently, the media mogul and Madea creator and performer revealed what he plans to do with the new 37.5 acres of land he is looking to purchase from Fort Mac LRA. when this purchase is concluded, Tyler Perry says he has the vision to develop an entertainment district next to Tyler Perry Studios. This entertainment district will be open to the public and it will contain multiple theaters, a grocery store, restaurants, shopping malls, residential units, and a 3,500 venue. Who knows what more the superstar has up his sleeve? It’s best to wait and see.

The flabbergasting part of this is that Tyler Perry is also going to build the Tyler Perry Studios’ Museum in the entertainment district in a bid to host tourists and members of the public who have been willing to sightsee.

The billionaire has spent about $250 million to develop his studios and is planning to invest about $200 million more to develop a backlot. Combined with the entertainment district, Tyler Perry may spend close to $700 million to complete these projects. Knowing what the superstar is worth, it is no surprise.

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