Amanda Seyfried and Regina King Both Wore Over $1 Million in Diamonds at the Oscars

If the dresses at the Oscars were an ice cream sundae, then the accessories would be the cherry, sprinkles, and whipped cream on top — they simply make the look complete. However, it's somewhat impossible to appreciate those fancy jewels in all their glory at first glance. They deserve a closer look, and that's especially the case for Amanda Seyfried and Regina King's little extras.

Both actresses wore Forevermark to this year's awards show, and their specific sets of diamonds totaled over $1 million…each.

"Amanda loves yellow diamonds, so we knew we wanted to accentuate the dramatic red of her dress with these special special yellow and white diamond earrings and ring," Seyfried's stylist, Elizabeth Stewart, shared via statement. "For me, sustainability is as important as the design of the jewelry so working with natural diamonds from Forevermark that are both beautiful and responsibly sourced is the dream scenario."

Amanda, naturally, was fond of the pieces as well.

"We loved the simple strength of the natural yellow diamonds and think they stand out so beautifully against the grandness of the red gown," she added. "The clarity of these gems truly reflects the importance of this moment to me!"

Regina King also didn't hold back from adding sparkle to her look. Between her rings, bracelet, and earrings, the actress showed up in a solid $1.2 million in diamonds.

"We were thrilled to partner with Forevermark on Regina's incredible Academy Awards look," King's stylists, Wayman and Micah, shared. "Choosing diamonds that shine as brightly as Regina isn't easy but we feel we came pretty close! We selected silhouettes that felt fresh and modern while still leaning into the traditional glamour of the Oscars."

Of course, these ladies weren't the only ones to go all out. Laverne Cox wore a dress made of 1,000 yards of tulle, and so many stars opted to show off their midriffs for a sexy spin.

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