Amazon's cashierless checkout coming to grocery store for first time near Seattle

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Amazon’s automated grocery store is opening this week with cashier-less checkout. 

Shoppers will be able to pick up produce and walk out of the store without waiting in line to pay when its new Amazon Fresh grocery store opens Thursday in Bellevue, Washington near Seattle. 

The Amazon Fresh store will span 25,000 square feet shoppers users to skip the check-out line (Amazon)

It’s the first time the e-commerce giant’s Just Walk Out technology is being implemented at a grocery store spanning 25,000 square feet, the company announced Tuesday in a blog post. The tech uses cameras and pressuresensitive shelves to keep track of items customers are shopping and the tech connects to customers’ Amazon account or credit card. 

Customers can also opt to shop on checkout lanes that will be staffed by Amazon employees, the company said in a blog post. Employees will be available throughout the store for assistance. 

If shoppers use the Just Walk Out check out method, they can simply walk into the Amazon Fresh store by scanning a QR code in the Amazon app, scanning their palm or inputting a credit or debit card. Then, they’ll be charged automatically for items when they leave. 


"Bringing Just Walk Out technology to a full-size grocery space with the Amazon Fresh store in Bellevue showcases the technology’s continued ability to scale and adapt to new environments and selection," Dilip Kumar, vice president of Physical Retail and Technology at Amazon said in a statement. 


It’s unclear where the next location of its cashier-less grocery store will be. Bloomberg reported last month it obtained planning documents for an automated grocery store opening in Brookfield, Connecticut. 

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