Baby Born With Three Penises

Doctors say it’s a world first.

A baby has been born in Iraq with three penises.

According to a study in International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, supernumerary penises is an extremely rare congenital anomaly, that effects one in every 5-6million births.

But while there have been around 100 cases of diphallia — double penis — reported to date, doctors believe this is the first ever confirmed case of triphallia.

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“Triphallia (three penises) is unreported condition in human until now,” the authors wrote.

The unnamed baby, a native Kurd from Duhok city, was brought to hospital by his parents at three months, because his scrotum was swollen on one side, and he had two small skin projections along his perenium.

Upon closer inspection, doctors determined they weren’t just skin projections; each was a separate penis — one about 2 cm in length with a glans, which was attached to the root of the main penis, the other about 1 cm and was below the scrotum.

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The two extras had both corpora cavernosum and spongiosum (meaning they theoretically could have attained an erection), but neither had a urethra (making urination impossible).

There was no history of drug abuse during the pregnancy; nor did the family have any history of genetic abnormalities.

In the end, doctors were able to snip off the two extras and stitch the main one up, with no problems, before discharging the patient. A follow-up at one year found he had suffered no adverse effects.

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