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THERE are various different ways to keep your bike safe against thieves, and bike D-locks are one of the best ways to do it.

Bike locks come in all shapes and sizes, but D (or U-locks) are shaped as they suggest.

A solid U-shaped piece of metal called a shackle is connected to a removable section known as the cylinder, which houses the all-important lock.

A D-lock’s shape enables it to be threaded through a bike frame and secured to something that has been attached to the ground, such as a railing or bike rack.

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They are often preferred by those who commute by bike over chain locks because they are more compact and lightweight, while offering a good level of security.

They can also be combined with a cable or secondary D-lock to help secure additional parts of your bike, such as wheels with quick-release systems or even more expensive bike saddles.

If you’ve shelled out for a new bike recently, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a solid D-lock to protect your investment both at home and when leaving it out in public. Below are some of the best D-locks currently available on the market.

1. OnGuard Brute lock

  • Brute lock, £25.99 from Tredz 

Protecting your pride and joy can sometimes be an expensive outlay, but not so with the Brute by OnGuard.

Although it retails for £60, it is often available for much less, and can currently be picked up for a fraction over £25.
That’s a relatively cheap investment to make to protect a road bike or mountain bike that probably cost you a lot more.

The lock has been awarded the highest security rating possible, is recognised by bike insurers, and comes with an anti-theft guarantee, making it perfect for locking up at home or when on the move.

2. Kryptonite New York

  • New York, £55.65 from Tredz

If a prospective thief sees your bike’s locked up with one of these, they’ll soon move on to an easier target.

The New York by the American brand has been built to survive in the streets of its namesake, and can resist twist, pick and drill attacks.

Like OnGuard’s lock, it also has the gold rating, and comes with Kryptonite’s optional Anti-Theft Protection Offer.

Once registered, it will cover bikes up to a cost of £2,500 for free for the first year of ownership of the lock, giving you added peace of mind.

3. Knog Strongman

  • Strongman, £89.99 from Tredz

It’s fair to say that the Strongman by Australian brand Knog is the best looking lock on this list, but it’s more than a pretty face.

It too has the Sold Secure Gold accreditation, while is able to withstand twists, frost, dust and corrosion, so will protect your bike even if it’s left out in the elements.

What makes it stand out though is its use of a moulded silicone wrapping over the shackle and cylinder.

This neat feature will help prevent your bike from getting scratched when the lock comes into contact with it.

4. Abus Granit X-Plus 540

  • Granit X-Plus 540, £66.45 from Amazon

The Granit X-Plus 540 from German manufacturer Abus replaced the popular X-Plus 54, giving it a bit of a facelift without losing any of the safety.

A double locking mechanism holds the shackle in place, while an automatic keyhole cover on the cylinder ensures the lock is protected from dirt, corrosion and picking when in use.

It also comes with various ways of securing it to your bike when not locked up, lightening the load of your cycling backpack.

5. Master Lock Street Fortum

  • Street Fortum, £27.99 from Tredz

Although one of the cheaper locks on this list, the Street Fortum by Master Lock actually offers up a great value-for-money way of protecting your bike.

The D-Lock itself has that all-important Sold Secure Gold certificate that you should be looking out for, and the shackle and cylinder elements give you the necessary all-round protection.

It also comes with an additional cable out of the box, allowing you to secure your bike’s wheels too.

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