B&M and B&Q are selling an inflatable hot tub for cheaper than Aldi

HOT tubs can cost thousands of pounds but you can currently pick one up for only £250 at B&M and B&Q.

This is much cheaper than Aldi, which is selling an inflatable one for £349.99 – a difference of just under £100.

The Lay-Z Miami hot tub on sale at B&M and B&Q is big enough for four people and it heats up to a toasty 40C, which will keep you warm even on a chilly summer night.

It inflates in under five minutes, and comes with 81 spa jets and a diameter of 1.8 metres.

Meanwhile, Aldi's octagon-shaped hot tub by Intex comes in an outer size of 2.01metres x 2.01 metres and an inner size of 1.50 metres x 1.50 metres.

It also has room for a group of four people and heats up to 40C as well.

It has a slightly bigger water capacity at 795 litres, while the one on sale at B&M and B&Q can take 669 litres.

The discounter brought back the back garden gadgets just over a month ago, and they've since sold out online.

Meanwhile, B&M started selling the popular hot tubs in February for £299.99, but it has currently discounted them to £250.

You'll need to be quick though, as its website claims there's "limited availability" in stores.

The good news is that you can pick it up from B&Q at the same price both online and in store.

The same gadget costs £379.99 at Very.co.uk, while Argos also sells the popular range of Lay-Z Spas but the prices start from £400.

If you're looking for some accessories for your next pool party, you'll want to check out the mermaid and unicorn pool inflatables on sale at B&M.

The retailer is also selling children's unicorn and flamingo picnic chairs for £8.

In March, B&Q's website and delivery system went down leaving customers unable to order or track deliveries for FOUR days.

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