‘Braxton Family Values’ Preview: Tamar’s Family Prepares To Meet Her New BF — Watch

Tamar Braxton surprises her family by telling them that they’re going to be introduced to her new man in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 9 episode of ‘Braxton Family Values.’

The Braxtons are preparing for a big dinner and Tamar Braxton drops the bomb that she’s going to introduce her entire family to her new boyfriend, David Adefeso, in this EXCLUSIVE Braxton Family Values preview. Her mom and sisters are thrilled that Tamar is going to take the next step and bring her new man into the family fold. Traci Braxton is talking about the food that they’re going to serve when Tamar reveals that her boyfriend is vegan and doesn’t eat cheese. Traci is caught way off guard by Tamar’s vegan boyfriend reveal. She says, “Tamar’s man don’t eat no meat? How you not eat no meat all day, every meal? White meat, dark meat, pork meat, pig meat, yellow meat? We gonna eat it, OK?”

Tamar stresses that her new man is unlike anyone she’s been with before. “He’s totally different than who you would expect me to be with,” Tamar tells Traci. Traci knows that she and Tamar have had their differences but she’s happy for her sister. “You know, if I have learned anything, I know life is short. Even though I have disappointments with Tamar, it doesn’t mean I don’t love and support her. I would really like to get to know her man,” Traci says in the final moments of our EXCLUSIVE preview.

Towanda Braxton tries to learn more about Tamar’s boyfriend before she meets him. She asks what Tamar’s boyfriend is like and Tamar compares him to Denzel Washington. That’s quite the comparison!

The synopsis for the May 9 episode of the show reads: “Toni asks Trina and Towanda to perform with her unexpectedly, but Birdman shocks all and surprises Toni on-stage. Tamar’s new boo is interrogated by the sisters. The Braxtons are stunned by Tamar’s breakdown at Celebrity Big Brother.” Braxton Family Values airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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