Bride-to-be cops backlash for her controversial wedding rules

Bride is criticised for listing seven ‘rules’ for her upcoming wedding from having no plus ones to not allowing free drinks before 5pm – but is it fair enough?

  • A young bride-to-be has shared the controversial rules for her wedding 
  • Valentine, 21, said she’s copped a lot of backlash for the rules in a TikTok clip 
  • She said there will be no children, phones at the ceremony or plus ones 
  • Valentine and her fiancé’s bar tab won’t start until three hours into the reception  
  • Other rules include no posting on social media before the newlyweds  
  • As well as guests must dress to impress and avoid making big announcements 

An Australian bride-to-be has shared the controversial rules her and her fiancé have set for their upcoming wedding in February next year from hosting no children to no plus ones and even no free drinks before 5pm. 

Valentine, 21, said she has ‘copped a lot of s***’ for some of her rules including no pregnancy or engagement announcements, no phones at the ceremony and people have to dress to the nines in a viral TikTok video. 

The new mum-of-one said both her and her partner agreed on the rules together and said people ‘shouldn’t go to weddings’ if they don’t like the bride and groom’s dos and don’ts. 

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A young Australia bride-to-be has caused a stir after revealing her seven controversial rules for her wedding guests in a TikTok

Valentine said there will be no children allowed at the pair’s wedding except for their son who was born just last week in a move that has ’caused most of the stir’ between her guests. 

‘This is for a lot of reasons but the main one is we only have 50 seats. We’re getting married in a registry, both of our families are quite large,’ she said. 

‘If we brought everyone’s children, we’d only have 25 spare seats which is basically our immediate family and that’s it.’ 

Secondly, Valentine, who works at a bartender, said the bar tab will not be starting until three hours into the reception so it lasts well into the night and guests stay looking and feeling good. 

‘Our reception is starting at two o’clock, we really don’t want everyone to be legless and going home in a taxi before the night has even begun,’ she explained. 

The young couple’s third rule is absolutely no phones at the ceremony. 

‘I will literally stop what I’m doing in the middle of my vows if I have to and go tell you to put your phone away,’ she joked. 

Valentine (pictured) said she has ‘copped a lot of s***’ for some of her rules including no plus ones, no phones at the ceremony and no free bar tab until three hours into the reception

‘We are paying $3000 for a photographer, take pictures with us afterwards.’

While she admitted it was ‘a bit harsh’, Valentine and her partner won’t be giving their guests a plus one. 

‘If we wanted them there they would be,’ she said.

‘I do not want to be forking out hundreds if not thousands of dollars for this wedding to pay for drinks and food and entertainment for someone that I don’t even know and I really don’t want strangers in the photos as well.’ 

Valentine wants all her guests to look like ‘they’ve just come off the runway in Milan’

‘I want formal dresses, tuxedos, suits, ties, whatever, you have to look good in the photos. We are not having jeans and t-shirts my friends,’ she said.   


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Do you think Valentine’s wedding rules are out of line?

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Any attendees who use Valentine’s wedding as an opportunity to propose or make a big announcement will be ‘dragged out’.  

‘If you announce that you are pregnant or propose or announce that you’re engaged I will drag you out – not if you’re pregnant, I’m not insane,’ she said. 

‘But I will literally get you out. This is the one day I’ve been looking forward to since I was a little girl, this is not about you. Leave it for another day.’ 

Finally, Valentine has requested guests don’t announce the couple’s marriage on social media before they do. 

She said they will post about their marriage ‘immediately’ and Valentine will change her name on Facebook but asked wedding-goers to ‘enjoy the day’ and hold off on announcing their union to the internet. 

‘These are not just my rules these are mine and my fiancé’s agreed on rules some came just from him, some came just from me, we both agreed,’ she clarified. 

‘Don’t go to peoples weddings if you don’t agree with their rules.’ 

The future-bride’s clip has been viewed more than 644,900 times and she copped so much backlash and ‘awful’ comments she had to ban replies.  

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