Brits spend £26k in renovations to achieve the ‘perfect’ home after moving in

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Research of 2,000 adults found just 38 percent consider their property to be perfect – but were completely happy with their abode by the age of 43. Renovating the kitchen had the biggest impact on achieving the perfect place (42 percent), followed by a living room makeover (32 percent) and a new bathroom (26 percent). Other changes people made to get their home just as they wanted it were re-tiling the bathroom (39 percent), installing new windows (37 percent) and replacing the front door (40 percent). A further 34 percent landscaped the garden.

The study commissioned by glass specialist, Pilkington United Kingdom, also revealed that of those who have their perfect home, 48 percent said they will never move again.

But it also emerged that it took an average of five years after moving in before homeowners felt their place was just right.

Julia Berkin, from Pilkington United Kingdom, said: “The research proves it’s all of the little changes which make a big difference to a property.

“Why move when you can improve? It’s clearly worth the patience, the outgoings and even the disagreements to live in your dream home as a result.

“The list of things people did to their properties in order to achieve the perfect place vary from decorating and extending to letting more light in by adding windows and opening up rooms.

“It’s interesting to see how people are adapting their homes, especially given the amount of time we’re spending in them currently while they double up as workspaces.”

The research also found more than a quarter replaced all the interior doors to improve their abode and make homes feel lighter and more open plan, while a fifth extended the property and 14 percent added a conservatory or orangery.

When it comes to what makes the perfect home, two thirds (66 percent) said that it is ‘very important’ to have lots of natural light.

As a result, 12 percent even installed additional windows, while 35 percent added double glazing.

But 33 percent named a lack of money as one of the barriers to overcome in order to be able to create the perfect home, while others blamed planning permission difficulties (16 percent) and even disagreements with the other half (15 percent).

It also emerged that of the 62 percent who are yet to achieve their ‘perfect’ home – an eighth think they will achieve it and are currently working on it, while 17 percent are in the planning process.

The study also found that when it comes to inspiration, a quarter of homeowners turn to TV shows, while 16 percent browse online.

Almost one in five (19 percent) even scroll through estate agent websites to inspire their renovation projects.

Top 30 things homeowners did to achieve their perfect home

1. Repainted interior rooms

2. Installed a new bathroom

3. A new front door

4. Re-tiled the bathroom

5. Got rid of old wall paper

6. Changed the lighting

7. Installed new windows

8. Installed double glazed windows

9. Landscaped garden

10. A new heating system

11. New flooring throughout the house

12. Re-painted the exterior of the house

13. New interior doors

14. Enclosed the garden for privacy

15. Built an extension

16. Installed a fire place / wood burner

17. Converted a bedroom to a home office

18. Created an open plan kitchen/diner

19. Installed a greenhouse / potting shed

20. Knocked down an interior wall to open up space

21. Added decking to the garden

22. Built a conservatory/orangery

23. Added a utility room separate from the kitchen

24. Installed extra windows for more natural light

25. Loft conversion

26. Added Velux skylight windows

27. Exposed the natural floorboards

28. Added an en-suite

29. Converted the garage to a room

30. Added a rainforest-style shower

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