Can you guys the city featured in each of these century-old photos?

Stunning images reveal how cities around the world have changed in the last century – but how many can YOU recognize?

This stunning collection of photos shows how much cities around the world have changed in just the last century – but can you guess where each picture was taken based on an old sepia photograph? Travel website Scenic collated 14 images of various historical landmarks. Anyone who can guess 11 to 14 correctly is ‘professional grade’ in their knowledge of geography. Scroll through to see how many you can identify… 

QUESTION 1: Here’s an easy one to get you started. In which of the following cities was this photograph taken? Situated on the River Seine, this beautiful city is affectionately known as the City of Light. Is it A. Lyon B. Paris C. Lisbon or D. Berlin?

ANSWER: B. Paris.

QUESTION 2: Take a look at this grainy photograph dating from the 1940s. In which city was it taken? The 1945 photograph depicts a city left in ruins by WWII – but one iconic structure remains remarkably unscathed amid the wreckage. Is the city A. Cologne B. Berlin C. Amsterdam or D. Budapest?

ANSWER: A. Cologne.

QUESTION 3: With such distinctive spires, this city should be easy to identify, so can you name it? This city’s old town is home to the third-oldest astronomical clock in the work. Is it A. Budapest B. Bratislava C. Prague or D. Vienna?

ANSWER: C. Prague.

QUESTION 4: This rare black-and-white aerial photograph depicts a famous European landmark, but where was it taken? Perfect for a well-being break, this city is built on a series of hot springs that have been lauded for their healing properties since Roman times. Is it A. Budapest B. Madrid C. Salzburg or D. Vienna?

ANSWER: A. Budapest.

QUESTION 5: Do you recognize the city from this vintage photograph? Wonderful cuisine and iconic wines have come to define this European city, which is found close to the Atlantic Ocean. Is it A. Lyon B. Porto C. Lisbon or D. Bordeaux?

ANSWER: D. Bordeaux.

QUESTION 6: Another wonderful early aerial photograph for you now – but do you know which city it was taken in? This beautiful alpine city is internationally renowned as the birthplace of one of the world’s most famous composers. Is it A. Basel B. Zurich C. Salzburg or D. Lyon?

ANSWER: C. Salzburg.

QUESTION 7: This historic city has one of the most distinctive skylines in Europe – so can you name it? Many scenes from the popular HBO series Game of Thrones were filmed here. But is it A. Lisbon B. Salamanca C. Budapest or D. Dubrovnik?

ANSWER: D. Dubrovnik.

QUESTION 8: History buffs should be able to guess the name of this city with ease… Home to the Pope’s Palace, it’s one of Europe’s most historic and significant cities. But is it A. Nuremberg B. Avignon C. Passau or D. Vienna?

ANSWER: B. Avignon.

QUESTION 9: Here’s a tricky one for you. Can you identify the city where this photograph was taken? Found on the Tagus River, this city is revered for its Manueline- tyle architecture and delectable seafood. But is it A. Lisbon B. Belgrade C. Bucharest or D. Arles?

ANSWER: 9. Lisbon.

QUESTION 10: Another cryptic vintage photograph for you – can you tell us where in the world it was taken? This archway runs beneath one of the continent’s most prestigious museums. Is it in A. Paris B. Berlin C. Amsterdam or D. St Petersburg?

ANSWER: C. Amsterdam.

QUESTION 11: They’re getting trickier now. Can you tell us the name of this city? It is often billed as the gastronomical capital of the world. But is it A. Bordeaux B. Nice C. Honfleur or D. Lyon?

ANSWER: D. Lyon.

QUESTION 12: If you can guess where this photograph was taken, you really know your cities. This spectacular metropolis was built from the ground up in the 18th century, echoing some of Europe’s most popular architectural tropes. Is it A. Frankfurt B. St Petersburg C. Bucharest D. Vienna?

ANSWER: B. St Petersburg.

QUESTION 13: This old photograph features a vintage tram, but do you know which European capital it was taken in? Art and architecture make it one of the go-to cities in southern Europe. Is it A. Nice B. Monte Carlo C. Belgrade or D. Madrid?

ANSWER: D. Madrid.

QUESTION 14: Last but not least, can you guess this European city from this grainy photograph of a corner shop? Is it A. Vienna B. Brussels C. Berlin or D. Regensburg?

ANSWER: A. Vienna.

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