Cheshire mum hits back at TikTok trolls who insist she looks 60

Mother, 36, hits back at trolls who claim she looks like a ‘grandmother in her 60s’ and says they should get rid of filters and make-up before criticising others

  • Clare Dudley, 36, from Cheshire hit back at TikTok trolls criticising appearance 
  • Dared people to stop using filters and make-up before tearing down others 
  • One commenter claimed she looks like a grandmother in her 60s 
  • Others agreed Clare looks natural and asked why people need to criticise  

A sharp-witted mum from has responded to TikTok trolls who say she looks over 60, in a series of videos.

Clare Dudley, 36, from Cheshire has suffered a barrage of online abuse from TikTok commenters who claim that the mum looks much older than her actual age.

One commenter, told her: ‘Jesus, you look 50ish, very shocked,’ while another claimed: ‘That’s so unfortunate. I’d say late 50s.’

‘How old are you? You look similar to my nan’s age – 63,’ a third wrote, while a fourth told her bluntly, ‘Looks like you’ve been hit by a double decker bus, love.’

The mum, who’s gone viral several times while responding to trolls decided to hit back at the torrent of abuse.

Clare Dudley, a mum from Cheshire has suffered countless TikTok trolls who have shamed her for the way she looks and insist she looks much older

Clare who’s gone viral on TikTok several times for her witty responses, dares trolls to post a picture with no filter or makeup on before commenting on her looks

She posted a video in response to a commenter named Susan, saying: ‘I’ve just had a look at your picture and I’m not being funny, that’s filtered.’

‘Come on Susan that’s a filtered picture, and my mum said on that picture you look her age and she’s nearly 60,’ she continued in the video while giggling.

Instantly Clare’s followers come to support her, with one writing: ‘Susan looks filtered and filled and she doesn’t look any better for it. There is no comparison. Clare, you are natural and beautiful.’

Another agreed and typed, ‘Why is everyone obsessed with how old you look? Absolute saddos!’

Clare Dudley (pictured) took to TikTok to hit back at a commenter who said she looked older than 48

Commenters sounded their opinions on Clare’s actual age in the mum’s TikTok comment section

A third chimed in with: ‘Why do people feel the need for filters and then criticise others in the way they look?’

In another response video Clare posted that garnered more than 12,000 likes, a commenter rejected the fact that the TikToker was born in 1984.

The comment read, ‘1984, it’s not possible. I am 40-years-old and I look like your daughter. I was sure you were 55-60 years old.’

Clare, clearly growing tired of answering the same question over and over responded in the video by calling out all the women who keep questioning her age. 

Clare’s TikTok followers are divided on opinions over the mu,’s age and many say they don’t believe she was born in 1984

Some commenters couldn’t keep their opinions on Clare’s looks to themselves and insisted she looked 60 or older

She said. ‘Show me a picture of you with no make-up on and no filter on and then come at me. Until then, shut it. Have a nice day.’

One commenter who stayed neutral on Clare’s age suggested, ‘I’m not saying it’s right, but I think they keep putting rude comments on your post because of the reaction they get from you.’

Another simply said, ‘Tou tell them girl.’ 

While a third piped up with, ‘What is wrong with these people, you look great.’ 

While others came to Clare’s aid and defended her natural beauty without the need for filters or makeup

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