Chicago West plays dress-up in Kim Kardashian’s heels and purse

Chicago West is following in her mom’s footsteps — literally.

The 2-year-old tot played dress-up in Kim Kardashian‘s closet, donning a pink Fendi baguette purse ($200) and matching patent mule heels in videos the beauty mogul shared on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday.

“I need my purse,” Chicago says while taking a walk around Kardashian’s huge closet.

In another clip, the mom of four questions her younger daughter about her favorite colors, pink and purple.

The next generation of Kardashians are shaping up to be as well-dressed as their parents; Chicago’s older sister North, 6, has been known to melt down if her mom refuses to let her leave the house without her makeup or high heels.

And Kylie Jenner‘s daughter Stormi, who is the same age as Chicago, has a vast handbag collection and similarly loves Kylie Cosmetics.

Seems that both Jenner and Kardashian will have fitting heirs to their fashion and beauty businesses when the time comes.

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