Chris Harrison Just Fueled 'Bachelor' Finale Conspiracy Theories With A New Instagram

  • Chris Harrison posted a selfie to Instagram with Peter Weber and Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca.
  • Bachelor Nation thinks he’s trolling fans with the photo after a conspiracy theory.
  • One popular Bachelor finale theory says Peter ends up with producer Julie.

The Bachelor rumors and conspiracy theories are running wild. So far, nobody, I mean nobody not even Reality Steve, definitively knows who Peter Weber picks in The Bachelor season 24 finale. Chris Harrison seems well aware of all the speculation and just trolled Bachelor Nation with an Instagram selfie. Why? Because the photo also features two key players in at least one conspiracy theory: Pilot Pete (duh, he’s The Bachelor) and Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca.

The trio are riding an escalator with another man, who commenters jokingly thought might be Joe Goldberg from Netflix’s You, in an airport. Chris wrote in the caption: “Knowin nothin in life but to be legit… New album cover came out great! #TheBachelor.”

Naturally, the comments section is blowing up with questions: “Soooo, is that the producer that GMA reported Peter ends up with ??” “Joe Goldberg in the back?? 😂” “Is that the producer girlfriend in the back?”

ICYMI, the reigning Bachelor finale theory is that Peter ends up with the producer also in Chris’ selfie. In the Reddit post about the conspiracy theory, Redditor Krallie argues that it’s highly likely Peter actually ends up with Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca, and they pointed out tons of potential evidence from social media.

This conspiracy theory went straight to the top and even caught the eye of Robert Mills, an ABC senior vice president. He addressed the Reddit rumor and Bachelor finale in an interview with Entertainment Tonight: “Well, I hate to get in the way of a good rumor, so I’m not going to confirm or deny about whether he ends up with a producer! I don’t know how we’d ever top that though! But, it is crazy.”

Yep, Chris has left fans hanging, again. One commenter wrote, “Always stirring the pot 😏” Of course, he doesn’t respond to the questions in the comments directly. He can’t give away any spoilers. Until the finale airs or Reality Steve gets new intel, the drama will continue on screen and off.

Is this the most dramatic selfie ever? Yes, it is.

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