Coronavirus-themed Halloween costumes are now a thing – for kids and adults

Halloween is just days away and people are quickly snapping up their costumes and preparing for a night gathering sweets.

But, while we used to dress up as witches and ghosts the variety of spooky costumes has changed in recent years to include everything from TV characters to memes.

We predict plenty of people dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo and the Witcher this year…

However, while scary costumes are still present not all outfits are worn to cause a fright – especially Mean Girls style bunny outfits.

Despite this, a new range of Halloween costumes has been spotted online which is modelled after one of the most terrifying things of 2021.

Coronavirus dress up outfits are now a thing…

Yes, we know, possibly too soon.

While millions around the globe have died, or suffered lifelong complications, due to the Covid-19 pandemic it looks like some people are ready to shock fellow celebrants by wearing the costumes.

And, they’re available for both children and adults. Make of that what you will.

Over on marketplace OnBuy an outfit described as “Costume Covid men polyester green” is listed for £92.98.

The costume features a green jumpsuit worn under a large, blow up round. Model of a virus, with the classic spikes seen on the Covid-19 bug, as well as green spots and a scary face with frowning eyebrows and fangs.

The inflatable costume is made from polyester and comes in a size 52.54. We’re not sure how popular this outfit will prove while many are still unwell with the sickness.

Additionally, over on eBay a similar outfit can be found for just £16.99.

But, this time it’s for children aged five to 10 years old.

Flaunting the same terrifying face and spiked bodysuit the outfit is described as the “Guirca Green VirusTunic Childrens Fancy Dress Costume.”

There are currently no reviews, but four have been sold – so you might spot a young coronavirus trick-or-treating near you.

Finally, a slightly more tongue in cheek costume can be bought from IdealWorld.

The “Covid Corona Virus Beer Bottle Halloween Costume” costs £25.99 and can be slipped on over your normal clothes.

In the shape of a beer bottle the head slips into a hole underneath the cap.

On the beer label it reads: “No known cure. Covid-19. Est 2019. Virus 19.”

The outfit comes from the USA and costs £25.99.

While the costumes are creative we’re sure they’ll cause quite the controversy if spotted out and about this weekend.

What do you think – are these outfits funny or insensitive? Tell us in the comments…

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