Cosmetic doctor seeing warns against common lip filler mistakes

Cosmetic doctor shares gruesome video of filler squirting out of a patient’s botched lips – as he warns of the six common mistakes YOU need to avoid

  • Dr Tijion Esho stars in Netflix’s Body Fixers and has been dubbed the ‘lip doctor’ 
  • Says there has been an influx of patients who regret the work they’ve had done
  • Estimated five to seven patients come in daily seeking corrective procedures
  • Warned against common lip filler mistakes including bad research and after care

A cosmetic doctor revealed the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to having lip filler as he warned of the dangers of botched procedures. 

London-based Dr Tijion Esho, star of Netflix’s Body Fixers, explained he has seen a spike in the number of corrective procedures he is performing to fix problems caused by other practitioners. 

To illustrate just what can happen, Dr Esho shared a video of him piercing a patient’s lip, causing the filler inside to squirt out.     

London-based Dr Tijion Esho, star of Netflix’s Body Fixers, explained he has seen a spike in the number of corrective procedures he is performing to fix problems

He told FEMAIL: ‘I’m currently seeing that at least a third of my work is corrective. I see five to seven patients a day who need me to salvage work they’ve had done elsewhere.’

Dr Esho said the most common issues include women regretting the work they have done, women with overfilled lips, or other complications.   

’l say it time and time again – people need to research and be more careful when having fillers’, he said. 

‘Overfilling, poor technique or cheap products can result in lumpy lips, infection, scar tissue which can be very difficult to correct – there are even occasions where botched jobs are not possible to save once necrosis has set in.’ 

Here, Dr Esho reveals to FEMAIL the common mistakes that could ruin your lips if you’re considering getting filler.

Dr Tijion Esho shared a video on his Instagram page of a corrective procedure which saw him squeezing filler put of one of his patient’s lips 

Picking a poorly trained practitioner

Anyone can become an aesthetic practitioner these days, but it doesn’t mean they know exactly what they’re doing. 

Rather than just going to the first person you see on Instagram for a cheap package, look at reviews, official governing sites and look at a person’s credentials and ensure you are seeing a doctor, dentist or nurse. 

Make sure they registered with their respective medical bodies, they are experienced in aesthetics and the treatment happens within a medical setting to ensure you will be treated safely. 

Choosing the wrong type of filler 

If a practitioner has used the likes of silicone rather than hyaluronic acid (the safest filler), it can’t be removed unless they undergo surgery – which can leave the lips even more disfigured than before.

Ignoring the natural shape of your natural lip 

Everyone is naturally asymmetrical, some more than others – but many patients come to me with asymmetric lips as they tried to put too much in at first or to change the shape at a previous clinic. 

In many cases I correct this by dissolving the hyaluronic acid filler with the enzyme hyaluronidase, which can be used even months after initial injection. Although I can fix issues like this, but it’s better to remember less is more in the first place to avoid having to go elsewhere. 

Using an unsanitary clinic  

I have had situations where patients have been treated In the back of a gym or an unsanitary clinic. If a practitioner is treating patients in this type of environment it’s a big clue that they are someone who should not go near your face! 

The severe bacterial infections seen in botched cases can often come from treating in these environments but also by shared needles/syringes. 

I’ve heard of awful cases where opened syringes are offered for a lower priced injection. It’s a medical procedure at the end of the day and once you’ve chosen your practitioner you should ensure they are seeing you in clean spotless room, wearing gloves and mask as necessary and using a sterile procedure packs to perform your treatment. 

Poor aftercare 

It’s important to take care of yourself post filler treatment. After fillers you are advised not to go to the gym for 24 hours; to drink no alcohol; to not touch the injection site, to avoid makeup and ice the area routinely. 

This advice is given for a reason – poor aftercare can result in excess swelling, bruising or in bad cases, the effects we’ve spoken about – infections and inflammation which can lead to lumps and dying tissue. 

It’s a serious matter. You should ensure that you have a routine follow up 2 – 3 weeks with your injector and always have an emergency contact you can call

Rushing straight into filler  

Especially if you are a beginner to lip enhancements, topical products are a cheaper and more accessible way of getting the results you want. My new cosmeceutical lip care products include COAT, a dry lip treatment; PAUSE, a lip plumper; SCULPT, an enhancing lip serum and DRENCH, a hydrator. 

If you want to define lip curvature, increase lip volume whilst leaving your lips feeling hydrated, soft and sculpted, without the potential after effects of filler, I recommend starting with this line rather than jumping straight to filler. 

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