Daily horoscope for March 12: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

The Moon moves from Libra into the star sign of Scorpio this Thursday. Your horoscope will consequently dictate you of being capable of tackling any problems at the very root.

No superficial solution will do, meaning negotiation, bargaining and diplomacy will be vital during the day.

Now is the time to put yourself first, no matter the cost – even if this is upsetting others.

This is due to the influence of the Scorpio Moon.

You should consequently feel unflappable in the face of any crisis encountered this Thursday.


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Although Libra and Scorpio are both in relationship signs but, they in fact could not be any more different.

Whereas Libra recoils from ugliness and uncivilised behaviour, Scorpio actively encourages it.

Libra is also preoccupied with preserving the peace in contrast with Scorpio whopper prerogative is to create shock and upset.

Scorpio dictates now is the ideal opportunity to dismiss pretence and instead receive the unvarnished truth.

The Libra Moon Trines Mercury in Aquarius on Thursday morning, meaning you may become party to some helpful information.

And a Square to Saturn is next up, suggesting niceties will only get you so far in the coming days.

Scorpio is the Moon’s next stop, running into Uranus in Taurus, across in Scorpio’s opposite sign.


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Uranus is considered to be contrarian and rebellious.

But before you go chopping bits off ask yourself: do you have to resort to extremes?

Expect to experience acute impatience with short-term solutions because of this aspect.

Next stop, the Moon opposes Venus and you’re asked to compromise after all.

Two heads could grow where one’s been chopped off and you’ll need to look at the problem in a more inclusive manner.

Sometimes the least of all evils is best.

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