Eagled-eyed shopper spots naughty penis-shaped pillow in Sainsburys

Sainsbury’s has left shoppers in fits of giggles at a cushion that has a rather naughty looking pattern on it.

Nothing makes the sofa more comfy than a barrage of cushions to rest on.

They are also a perfect way to add a bit of character to your lounge.

So what better way to jazz up your living room than adorning your settee with an animal print cushion.

However, an eagle eyed shopper has noticed a rather phallic detail about one of the supermarket giant’s ‘cheetah’ cushions.

Taking to Reddit to share their cheeky find, the original poster titled the post: “I found the rare and elusive spotted d*** pillow at Sainsbury’s.”

The original poster can be seen holding the questionable pillow looking proud to get her hands on the phallic shaped cushion.

Cheekily, the pillow that has a rather long-necked cheetah on it looks less like a safari animal and more like something you find between a man’s legs.

The spotted menace also boasts a long hanging chin, which adds to the phallus shape.

Left in stitches at the naughty looking pillow, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts on the shopper’s racy find.

One person commented: “Oh wow, I never use decorative pillows but I'm tempted to go get that!”

Another user added: “Cannot unsee it. Who let that happen!?”

While a third person remarked: “What the hell is it ‘supposed’ to be lol.”

Someone else chuckled: “LOL excellent. I wonder how many people bought that same pillow and are now saying ‘Oh s***, I never noticed that before!’.”

As a fifth user noted: “The dog pillow behind you is not amused.”

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