Eat your way to Kate Middletons complexion with just three vegetables

Kate Middleton sings along to Diana Ross with Charlotte

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Kate Middleton’s skin is still fabulously youthful at 40. Here’s how she may have achieved this – and how non-royals can do her skincare on a budget. Aesthetics Nurse Dawn Attewell spoke exclusively to about the Duchess’ possible routes to a youthful complexion.

Dawn told “The Duchess of Cambridge always looks flawless, despite the fact she’s always on the go, being a busy mum-of-three with a whole lot on her royal plate.

“She’s blessed with good genes and I’m sure she has an impeccable skincare regime and a cupboard full of trusted beauty products that help her banish signs of ageing.”

The expert suggested Kate might be a fan of a “healthy morning drink” in the form of a smoothie, combining plenty of vegetables.

For those who want “healthy, glowing skin”, Dawn recommended three particular vegetables.

First, Dawn referred to kale as a “power-packed ingredient”, “high in antioxidants” and “a great source of several key nutrients”.

These include Vitamin A, C and K.

Next up are tomatoes; not only low in calories – so good for the waistline as well as the skin – they are rich in lycopene.

This compound boasts an array of benefits and is tied to a lower risk of cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

Dawn continued: “What’s more, tomato juice can also reduce inflammation associated with exercise which is great for Kate.”

Finally, the expert recommended adding celery to your morning smoothie for a Kate-like complexion.

Celery is made mostly from water, contains Vitamins A, C and K, and can decrease inflammation.

While the Duchess likely has an incredibly healthy diet and lifestyle, as well as a well-researched skincare regime, she also has a lot of money at her disposal.

Dawn continued: “Recently her skin looks tighter, and there is noticeable improvement of the skin laxity too.

“She may have had skin tightening treatments like Morpheus8 and injectables too.

“Morpheus8 is a safe, effective, and non-surgical treatment for full body skin resurfacing, skin tightening, and fat reduction of stubborn areas.

“It uses minimally invasive fractional radio-frequency energy (RF) to penetrate the skin deeper than other micro-needling devices, triggering the skin’s natural healing response to promote skin tightening and lifting.

“Injectables like dermal fillers are usually injected below the surface of the skin to help restore volume loss, smooth out and plump fine lines and wrinkles and enhance the natural contours of the face.”

Kate has not spoken about her skincare publicly and is not known to have had any procedures.

Those who want to achieve skin like Kate can go down a natural route or opt for subtle tweakments, according to the expert.

“Sun protection is the most important factor, and I recommend wearing a daily SPF,” she said.

“Then having antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E, during the day helps protect your skin from the natural ageing process and the harmful effects of UV radiation.”

As for products, skincare enthusiasts should look out for two key ingredients – Fernblock and Hyaluronic Acid.

“Fernblock is a fantastic antioxidant extract that protects our skin cells and increases collagen, hyaluronic acid into the skin to maintain its structure.

“Hyaluronic Acid reduces skin wrinkles and lines and is also proven to help wounds heal faster by reducing scarring.”

Dawn concluded: “Of course, another option is to consider going down the treatment route if you want to keep your complexion youthful.

“Non-invasive treatments like Morpheus8 (a fantastic skin tightening treatment), Hydrafacial and injectables are a great alternative.”

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