Everyone tells my wife how lucky she is to have met me, yet she's leaving me nothing in her will | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: EVERYONE tells my wife how lucky she is to have met me, yet in her will she is leaving everything to her only daughter and nothing to me. 

I thought we were both working hard for our retirement, but this has really floored me.

I’m 64 and she’s 61 and we have been together for ten years. Her daughter is 29.

Admittedly, my wife did own the house before I moved in, but I have paid half the mortgage since and paid for the loft conversion, which has added value.

I take her breakfast in bed, look after her when she’s ill, treat her to lovely surprise gifts – but it seems none of that counts for anything.

I do like her daughter, but feel upset that I would be expected to leave my home with nothing. Am I being selfish?

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DEIDRE SAYS: You don’t say if your wife knows you are aware of the contents of her will. 

If your relationship is good, her decision does seem at odds with the love you feel for her.

Whether she knows or not, you really do need to discuss this with her and explain how you feel. 

Hopefully you will discover this is an old will and she is more than willing to update her wishes.

If things don’t improve, I would definitely recommend that you see a counsellor together and get some legal advice too.

I’m sending you my support pack on Counselling which explains how you can find a reputable counsellor.

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