Expert claims to spot Will and Kates flirtiest gesture – a sizzling display

Kate, Princess of Wales and Prince William may have been married over a decade now, but the royal couple still like to flirt with each other now and again. Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to about their “flirtiest” moment spotted by photographers.

Flirting is very common at the beginning of a romantic relationship, but many couples keep the practice alive well into marriage.

Kate and William are expertly measured during public appearances and engagements, however they do share the occasional flirty gesture in public.

Judi spoke exclusively to about the “flirtiest gesture” ever spotted between the pair, which took place a year into their marriage on July 11, 2011.

The expert said: “Sometimes it’s the subtlest flirt signals that have the most impact and hint the loudest about the levels of sexual attraction between a couple.

“For the viewer it also creates a subliminal, physiological response that will often prompt us to smile or even blush, especially if the couple, like Kate and William, seem to be trying to keep their flirting hidden in public.”

Judi has previously spoken to about Kate and William’s “subliminal mirroring” of each other, which speaks to their “like-minded thinking, mutual respect and emotional closeness and understanding”.

However, as “high-rank royals” they tend to avoid PDA, instead opting for a romantic “look of love”.

However, during the couple’s time under the romantic spotlight, there have been a few instances of overt flirting, claimed the expert.

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Judi stated: “The Wales’s have used several gestures and poses of authentic attraction and passion throughout their relationship and it’s good to see how undiluted some of those emotions are.

“Their graduation from St Andrews in 2005 saw them hugging together in a spontaneously intimate way and they were still performing an almost identical ritual of mutual attraction, with their torsos linked and Kate’s hand placed on William’s torso, some six years later during the dragon boat race in Canada.”

But the “flirtiest” gesture shared between the pair was on July 11, 2011 during the royal duo’s North American tour.

During a visit to an inner city arts project in Los Angeles, the pair took part in a ceramics class before which William helped tie Kate’s apron.

Judi explained: “For actual and very mutual flirt signals it’s hard to beat the couple’s rather sizzling displays during their North American tour in 2011.”

She particularly noted the pose where “William stepped up close and personal behind his wife, possibly to tie her apron, with the proximity prompting him to produce one of his naughtiest, sexiest smiles ever”.

According to the expert this wasn’t just flirting on William’s side but Kate’s too, with the royal wife reacting to her husband’s words or gesture.

“Kate seemed to be trying to study some hand prints but whether William whispered something or whether it was just recognising the moment of sudden and cheeky proximity, her equally flirty smile is a subliminal gesture of flirting even though they can’t see one another’s facial expressions at this point, making the attraction signals even more powerful.”

The couple were also pictured placing their hands in pieces of clay to create moulds and another flirty gesture occurred, according to the expert.

She said: “Even when Kate went to create her palm print William was playfully close here, pressing her hand down and clearly enjoying the opportunity to touch.

“It might not quite have been akin to that iconic moment at the potter’s wheel in Ghost but in royal terms it was worthy of producing a few sweet blushes from Kate and the people watching.”

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