Foodie’s simple hack peels garlic in seconds and all you need is a knife

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A man has revealed a time-saving cooking hack to peel all the cloves from a garlic bulb.

TikTok user Michael shared the easy guide to his 410,000 followers and showed how it can be done within seconds.

In the clip, he cuts the garlic bulb in half horizontally using a meat cleaver.

As it splits into two halves, he turns the bottom upside down on the chopping board, keeping the garlic cloves covered in the "skin".

He then use the side of the cleaver to smash the bulb, which makes the cloves detach from the skin.

When he lifts the skin up, it reveals 22 perfectly peeled garlic cloves.

The useful hack has garnered a whopping eight million views just three weeks ago.

Some viewers were left disappointed and said the trick did not work.

One said: "No, never worked, and if it works it will be crushed. I've tried it before."

"It's doesn't work for me!" another added.

Others believed the clip had been edited, pointing out the garlic in the background suddenly changed during the clip.

But another viewer then tried the trick herself and discovered it really did work.

User @buannldsama’s video was liked more than 750,000 times, with the only difference being she had to smash the garlic a few more times.

It comes after a professional chef has shared her fool-proof hack to peel garlics without making a mess.

Sarah Jampel, from Bon Appetit's "Basically", said the trick is to use hot water.

If you let your cloves sit in a bowl of boiling water for around a minute.

When you’re done, the skins should pull off easily.

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