Founder of a website partnering sugar babies with wealthy men

What it REALLY takes to be a sugar daddy: Businessman in his 20s says process teaches ‘nerdy guys’ how to ‘date women above their station’ – and insists you don’t have to be older or super wealthy

  • Seth Sokoloff, from the United States, has been a sugar daddy for six years
  • He advises men to give their sugar babies what a month’s rent would be
  • He has launched a website to help women and wealthy men make arrangements 

A sugar daddy has revealed his advice for those wanting to embrace the lifestyle as he said the habit has helped him ‘date women above his station.’ 

Seth Sokoloff, from the US, who’s in his late 20s, explained that while people assume sugar daddies are all super wealthy, the reality is that many women are willing to make arrangements just to cover their rent and that it’s open to anyone who could afford to spend around $1,400 a month on their date. 

The former private equity investment analyst, who studied philosophy and economics at the University of Chicago and has been a sugar daddy for six years, said he hopes sugar dating will become a mainstream concept. 

‘There are younger guys in tech, finance, and such like myself who I’m getting signed up with the idea of having much-improved dating lives with our verified sugar babies,’ he told Femail. ‘I really do see sugar dating as a force for good and one of the ways is that nerdy guys like myself can learn how to talk to and date women.’

Seth Sokoloff (pictured), from the United States, who has been employing women to be his sugar babies for the last six years, has founded a website to connect women with sugar daddies

Seth recently founded in an effort to help connect men with women who appreciate their accomplishments.

He explained: ‘We offer a safe and supportive space for men to connect with verified sugar babies eager to get to know them, all while maintaining complete anonymity. 

He added: ‘We have babies signing up from all ages 18+ and daddies signing up from all ages 21+ (as soon as they have the disposable income). So far, the sugar babies are mostly college-age women and we’re looking to get more women in their late 20s through 40s signed up as sugar babies. 

‘College-age women are all over the idea of being sugar babies but older women don’t realize yet that many sugar daddies are looking for babies a little closer to their own age. 

Seth (pictured) said sugar daddies are advised to offer their sugar babies a month’s rent, because many women are ‘happy’ to be given just $1,4000 a month 

‘Most daddies are established in their career and looking to pamper younger women and savour the dates and texting as an escape from their stressful lives. People have a stereotyped notion of sugar daddies as older, but that’s not always the case.

‘Another way we’re a force for good is that there are so many lonely and stressed out people and this can really help them. And of course sugar babies can have fun with luxury experiences, soak up mentorship, and get spoiled.’

Seth describes the platform as ’empowering’ and said the team are careful to interview the women who want to become sugar babies.

‘For daddies’ interviews, they need to confirm that they’re looking for sugar relationships and willing to invest in meaningful pampering of their sugar babies. We ask daddies if they want to improve their babies lives and they need to have a positive answer to that. 

 Seth (pictured) said other sugar dating websites don’t take the time to remove fake profiles

The website is free for women to join while men are expected to pay a fee with introductory membership being set at $99 (£70).

However, Seth added that none of the women are expected to have sex with men on the website, saying ‘it’s up to the members’ what they do in their relationship.  

The sugar daddy explained that many men fear that they aren’t able to afford a sugar baby, but said it’s more affordable than some would think. 

Seth said he is personally taking a break from being a sugar daddy to ‘concentrate on his work’. 

According to his website, his platform is designed to create ‘long-term relationships’ instead of flings and differs from conventional online dating because the sugar babies are eagerly waiting for men to talk to. 

He told Femail: ‘Our ethos is rooted in the mutual empowerment of members, all of whom are personally vetted and verified by our team for authenticity. Our approach is based on helping our members feel confident in our ability to find their ideal sugar match.

Seth’s website has a series of blogs offering advice on how sugar dating arrangements should work and claims the arrangement is better than marriage. Pictured: A sugar baby from the site

The website also features blog posts claiming sugar dating is better than marriage, offering advice on how to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy as well as setting boundaries within an arrangement.   

A recent post revealed as well as money sugar babies can expect gifts including clothes, computers, dinner, travel, status and apartments. 

One post reads: ‘As time goes on, sugar dating is only going to become more and more accepted, so don’t let the fear of what people might think hold you back from what could be the best choice you could make.’

Another says: ‘At the end of the day, those that want to be involved in sugar relationships want to please and to be pleased. The method of spoiling for that is different in each circumstance, and varies from person to person.’

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