Four of the best sex positions to ease period pains

Getting your period is confusing af.

First, your uterus is twisting and turning to the point of literally excruciating pain.

Then, between crying at puppy videos and screaming at your partner for leaving the cupboard open, your brain starts telling you that you want sex – and lots of it.

Most of us feel hornier when we’re menstruating and the good news is, sex can actually help to curb period pains – and its much more fun than standard exercise.

‘Sex can actually be very helpful in relieving painful periods,’ explains Lucy Lettice, co founder of plastic-free period care brand &SISTERS. 

‘Vaginal stimulation (in the form of penetration) can produce effective pain relief due to pressure on the vagina, and has been shown to increase pain threshold by 75%.’ she adds. 

So if you’re thinking of roping in your sexual partner to help you out, these are the best positions.


Not only is the spooning position a little more romantic and intimate than other sex positions, it’s also ideal for getting rid of cramps. 

‘This position is comfortable for both parties as it doesn’t put pressure on the knees and involves lying down for the most part which, when a period cramp strikes, is a godsend,’ says Lucy. 

‘The penetrating partner can put their hand against the receiving partner’s abdomen to allow their natural body heat to ease the menstrual pain.’

How to:

‘Both of you lie down on your side facing in the same direction with the penetrating partner behind you. 

‘You can then lift your knee towards their chest to aid the partner behind for better access.’

Supine twist

Yoga is known to help with period cramps, and the supine twist pose is an all-time classic.

‘This position is designed to work out the ab muscles and is actually a yoga position,’ says Lucy.

‘It relieves tension and promotes healthy digestion which is a leap in the right direction for soothing menstrual cramps.’

How to:

‘In this position, you lay on your back, draw one knee up toward your chest, and across your body with your torso flat against the bed so only your lower body is twisted. 

‘The penetrating partner, on their knees, will then straddle the leg that is still flat, and penetrate from there. 

‘You may also bring up the leg that is laying flat to meet the crossed over the bent leg, bring them into the foetal position, while again, keeping the chest and upper torso flat.’

Spread doggy

Another yoga fave – this move is based on ‘child’s pose,’ aka the pose you use to rest when you’re too tired – spread doggy is the best lazy position to help beat your cramps.

‘Since this position is a recovery pose in yoga practices, it stimulates and massages the abdominal area while allowing the menstruating partner to relax in a comfortable position,’ explains Lucy.

How to:

‍You will assume a child’s pose position, folding forward, and then spreading your knees, lowering your chest and shoulders to be as flat to the bed as comfortable. 

‘The penetrating partner is then stationed behind, holding onto your hips. 

‘You can then place a heated blanket over a cushion under your stomach to soothe the cramp further.’

The toad  

While the name might sound weird, Lucy says that this position ‘stimulates the abdominal organs including the ovaries and uterus which improves circulation.’

She says: ‘The key to easing period pain through sex is to choose a position that is comfortable for you, or your partner if you don’t menstruate yourself. 

‘Have fun, stay safe and banish the menstrual cramps away.’

How to:

‘You lay on your back, maybe with a pillow behind your upper torso, with your knees upwards and spread open so that they can rest in a “butterfly” position. 

‘The other partner, on their knees and facing you, penetrates from here and can lean forward for intimacy.’

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