Full Moon ritual: The one thing you MUST do during tonight’s Lunar Eclipse

NASA give demonstration on how a lunar eclipse occurs

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Full Moons are all about clearing out the old ways, beliefs and situations to make space for new and improved versions. This Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse, making it doubly as powerful and moving. Since this Moon is in Taurus, the focus of the event is grounding, making necessary life changes and letting go of anything holding you back from achieving your dream life. Express.co.uk chatted to the witch, author and founder of Mama Moon Candles, Semra Haksever, to find out the ONE thing you must do during tonight’s Full Moon to maximise the power.

A Beaver Moon takes place in Taurus tonight around 9pm, so get ready to perform your rituals.

This Friday’s Full Moon in Taurus marks the start of the Eclipse season that will last for the next month or so, so it’s a big deal.

Most people do some journaling, light a candle and use sage to clear out bad energy, but Eclectic Witch Semra Heksever recommends doing a spell.

Some astrologers and mystics believe that you shouldn’t do any Moon magic on Eclipses.

The theory behind this is that Eclipses bring chaotic situations and difficult emotions and this is not the sort of energy you want to charge crystals with or colour your manifestations with.

Instead, you’re better off clearing out the old with sage and thinking about what you need to get rid of that is no longer serving you.

Full Moons are usually a time for magic, rituals and letting go, but when eclipses are in the mix the energy can be unpredictable to work with, Semra confirmed.

She said: “Eclipses are often times of big and rapid change, they are ways of clearing the blocks that might be standing in the way of what is meant to find you.

“They can be challenging but it’s often for the good so it’s the perfect time to get grounded and look after ourselves which spellwork can support.”

Semra’s new book, Instant Magic Oracle (alongside her previous book Mama Moon’s Book of Magic: A Life-changing Guide to Star Signs, Spells, Crystals, Manifestations and Living a Magical Existence) includes specific Full Moon rituals, but Semra recommends performing a special spell for grounding today.

The witch explained: “When we are grounded, our bodies feel centred, which brings with it a higher level of self-assurance.

“We see things with a clearer vision which is ideal when we are feeling off-balance with the Full Moon energy and quick changes during Eclipses.”

To restore balance and grounding, follow these four steps:

Step one

Take a pinch of salt and a pinch of soil and blend in a clockwise direction.

Step two

Sprinkle a little of the mixture on the top of each foot and stand tall with your arms beside you.

Step three

Rock back and forth and side to side for a few minutes, so the soles of your feet are touching the ground.

Step four

Feel the grounding energy of the spell pushing your feet down so that they are firmly on the ground.

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