Greggs customer hits out at staff member over ‘banter about how much she visits’

A Greggs customer has hit out at a staff member over his 'banter' about how much she visits.

Kathy Readon says she was told by an employee "you're in here every day, you're going to get sick of this eventually" as she bought a pizza at the branch in Alton, Hants.

However the 21-year-old failed to see the funny side and responded that she couldn't afford to eat there every day – but claims the man continued his joke during the incident on Wednesday.

Kathy took to Facebook to demand an explanation from the snack giant as to why she had received an apparent 'dressing down' for being a regular.

Following her complaint, Kathy says Greggs issued her an apology, a £6.00 voucher and said that 'things are going to be done' as the staff member's conduct had been flagged to the area manager.

She says that due to anxiety, the staff member's joke was like her "worst fears all happening all at once".

Kathy, from Guildford, said: "Literally all that happened was I went in – I am a regular there, I work down the road and have been doing so for a year.

"I'm very anxious, I don't really talk to people. But I went in, I ordered what I normally order and I think he was trying to be banterous with me but it did not come off that way.

"He essentially just made fun of me for ordering pizza and it kind of felt like he was making fun of unhealthy habits.

"It came across like he was picking on me. There were other people in the store and he kept saying that I was in there every single day.

"I wish I had the income that would allow me to be at Greggs every single day but I don't.

"When I said this he argued with me about it. During the interaction I also told him he was making me feel very anxious and he ignored it.

"He carried on speaking to me in the same manner, saying the same things.

"He said 'you're in here every day, you're going to get sick of this eventually' – talking about the pizza.

"I have lots of mental health things so I fear public interaction on a daily basis. I'm always worried that something like that is going to happen. I invent it in my head.

"But then it did happen in real life and it was like my worst fears all happening all at once."

Kathy, an officer worker in Alton, said Greggs issued her an apology and a £6.00 voucher and said that 'things are going to be done'.

She said: "Greggs have said they're very sorry and that this is not the behaviour they expect.

"They said that they're going to let their area manager know and things are going to be done and apparently I will notice improvements, which is nice. To be honest, I'm quite happy with Greggs response."

Mirror Online has contacted Greggs for comment.

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