He thought I was 22! Woman, 39, shares secrets to looking younger

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Adriana Krzesniak, 39, has said that she looks younger than she did during her twenties. She shared her skincare and lifestyle tips for wrinkle-free, smooth skin.

Wrinkles are inevitable as one ages, but there are ways to reduce the appearance of lines and bumps.

Adriana credited two main hacks for her youthful looks: turmeric and trying not to stress over small things.

She also smothers her skin in SPF to protect it from the sun and, thus, avoid wrinkles.

SPF is important even when the sun isn’t out as it still protects the wearer from the elements.

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Interestingly, Adriana said that she looked “so much older” when she was in her twenties, when she was “cooped up and miserable”.

She explained that she felt like she had been given a “second life” when she left her husband at 32 years old and decided to move to Stuttgart, Germany.

The 39-year-old went on to say that a simple skincare routine and a nutritious diet hugely impacted her physical and mental health – for the better.

She said: “In my twenties I always had this impression I had something to prove and there was so many expectations and now I am more at peace with myself and I have stopped stressing.

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“I started reading self-help books and decided to stop looking for validation in other people. My skincare routine is very simple, I swear by superfoods, water and SPF.

“The last time I was stressed was when I went through my divorce in 2016. I’ve been through IVF and have miscarried twice, but I keep a positive mindset as is something so out of my control.”

Adriana explained that she spent her twenties “trying for a baby” and, because of that, she feels “like I have had two lives – my first life was so different”.

“When I was in my twenties I was stuck in my hometown where everyone knew everyone. I had my own business selling shoes which was very successful but I always wanted to get out,” the 39-year-old added.

“I felt like I was living for my ex-husband instead of myself.”

Adriana went on to say that when she was younger, she wanted to look older, but now she has hacks to stay looking youthful.

“Now I have my own original style, I love the 2000s aesthetic and oversized clothing, people often stop me in the street to compliment how I dress,” she said.

As well as dressing in a stereotypically youthful way, the Polish-born fashion designer uses 1ml of hyaluronic acid in her smile lines every two years and 0.5ml in her lips each year.

She said: “I look younger than I did in my twenties now I’m approaching my forties.

“My smile lines have changed the shape of my face and have made me look younger. A 24-year-old at work asked me out on a date the other week, I said I have a husband and was too old for him.

“When I told him my age, he was shocked – he thought I was 22.”

Adriana also wondered if the fact she hasn’t slept with a pillow since she was young has anything to do with her youthful looks too.

“When I was 12 I had scoliosis and my mum told me to sleep flat on my back without a pillow, and that is the way I have slept ever since,” she explained.

“I don’t wake up with sleep lines so maybe this could have had an effect.”

As for what she eats, Adriana swears by turmeric, as well as black cumin oil, millet, and nutritional yeast. A balanced diet of plenty of fruit and vegetables has also done wonders for the 39-year-old’s mental health.

“As 40 is around the corner I’m apprehensive but I’m so happy I have found stability in my life and self-confidence,” she added.

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