Heinz finally makes ketchup bottle caps recyclable after NINE years of research

HEINZ has finally worked out how to make its squeezy ketchup bottle caps recyclable after nine years of research.

The problem has been the small valve that briefly opens when the bottle is squeezed.

It allows “the ideal portion of sauce per squeeze” but is made from a clear silicone that is difficult to recycle.

Heinz began work on a replacement in 2012 — and has finally found a solution after £1million, 45 designs made with 3D printers, and more than 185,000 hours of research and testing.

The firm had to make sure the replacement provided the same dollop of ketchup per squeeze but also ensure it did not leak. The new cap uses a single, rigid plastic that can be recycled along with the rest of the bottle.

It means that potentially one billion plastic caps can now be recycled each year, instead of finding their way into landfill.

The cap will be rolled out globally from 2022, starting in Europe.

Kraft Heinz’s Jojo de Noronha said: “We’re excited to be announcing these first-to-market innovative new caps, meaning our consumers can now recycle every part of their Heinz squeezy bottle in their weekly kerbside collection.

“A huge amount of work has gone into finding the right solution that means no compromise on using and enjoying our popular squeezy bottles for the hundreds of millions who buy them.

“While we know we still have more to do, from a sustainability and environmental perspective this is positive news.”

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