Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for May 8


Invest in your own happiness. Do something for yourself. Give some thought to a restrictive situation. You will find a way to break away. You might also enjoy planning a fun holiday with a partner or close friend. It won’t be difficult to agree on a destination that appeals to you both.


You’re hoping a difficult situation you are going through won’t get any worse. Keep telling yourself that it is going to get better. A good way to push worries away will be to take up a tactile hobby like woodwork, knitting or gardening. Keep your hands busy.


Taking a day off will feel great after a busy and hard-working phase. You might use this opportunity to catch up on household repairs or prepare some healthy meals. Recently you have been ignoring your needs for the sake of others. Indulge in some creature comforts.


Dwelling on a recent hurt or disappointment will only compound the pain. Refuse to let bitterness cause you to act out of character. Take a deep breath and let go. You will fare best with people who share similar views and interests. New friendships are formed.


The more someone tries to dominate or interfere in other people’s lives, the more friction there will be in relationships. An older colleague seems to think they always know best when this isn’t always the case. Someone will point this out to them today.


Your home, garden or a favourite spot in the country will be a tranquil haven from stress. Routine activities like housework, decorating and cooking will feel calming and relaxing. If you’re getting together with your family to book a holiday, choose a place that feels like an escape from public life.


You need to be realistic about finances. Although you will be keen to join in with social events or to go on a group outing, if there are bills that still have not been paid, these should be your first priority. It will be possible to find less expensive alternatives.


Breaking away from constraints that other people are taking for granted will take the direction of travel away from the past. A few interested parties will ensure a community project will go ahead as hoped. A deal will be agreed on soon.


Having a day to call your own will be a welcome opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries. It will be much easier to continue with a complicated project or venture when you feel rested. You might decide to give a social event a miss in favour of some peace and quiet.


A loving relationship will not be torn apart because one of you is going through some life changes. A friendship may not be the same again but there are plenty of ways you can keep in touch. You will cross paths with someone who will come to mean a lot to you in the future.


Group activities will lift your spirits. It will mean a lot to you to be able to catch up on social obligations. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to take the helm of a charitable campaign or fund raising exercise. Somehow you will find time to fit this in.


You strongly object to a proposal a senior colleague is making. Gather evidence to back your views before speaking up. You feel sure someone is in the wrong but you need to find proof of this before confronting them. The person you are dealing with has a lot of support from those in high places.

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