Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for November 6

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You will need all your self-control if you are to deal efficiently with a few unexpected problems. Getting hot under the collar isn’t going to help things at all. What will help is when someone who is well-respected by many, steps in at the eleventh hour to take up your side of the issue.


There is no ignoring an adventurous tendency that has you in its grip. If you can’t get away today, don’t be surprised to find yourself making a travel booking. You need something exciting to look forward to while you get on with the numerous chores that still need to be done.


A close relative needs an answer to a question they put to you as far back as when October began. The weeks will seem to have flown by and you’ve not had a chance to think about their proposal. At some time today you will decide on your response and this should make someone very pleased.


You just want to spend the day well away from serious and heavy responsibilities. Even if it is gossiping or visiting friends, catching up on news and views around you or pottering about the house, you won’t feel guilty. Relaxation helps combat stress.


No matter what your plans may be, be prepared to change these if something more exciting comes along. Links with people in far-off places will bring an unexpected offer. If you’ve always held a secret ambition to travel the world, now is the time to take action to realise your dreams.


There’s a lot going on and it will do you good to make the most of this exciting yet strangely relaxed time. You haven’t had much chance to spoil yourself lately so instead of feeling guilty about having so much fun, why not just enjoy?


You will be happier with developments at home. Recent frustrations can be put behind you. A relative will be in touch to make an unusual suggestion and a neighbour who needs a favour will issue an invitation to a festive social event planned for the end of the month.


There will be a few obstacles in the way of your plans but you won’t let this prevent you from going ahead. If you are thinking about launching a new project, bring this forward now. You will have the energy and determination to go far.


Someone close will look as if they are bursting with keeping a secret. All they are waiting for is an enquiry from you before they reveal what is going on. They will have something to celebrate although all is not yet official. You won’t mind keeping this news to yourself for the time being.


Working with a lazy colleague will slow you down. It will take a lot of effort to curb your impatience. You will prefer to work quietly in the background. What might surprise you is when someone admits to having been inspired by your recent achievements.


You may not be taking as planned an approach to your day as you expected and this will be due to some exciting developments at home or in the workplace. Keep activities lively and interesting and you’re unlikely to have to worry about anyone being bored.


You have the gift of the gab when it comes to persuading others to see your way of thinking. Push ahead with your main ambitions. Even if you are having to bluff your way through some situations, don’t worry. You are doing so very well.

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