Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for October 29

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A distant relative or a family friend you have not seen for a while will be in touch. An offer will be made but don’t be too quick to accept this. There will be an ulterior motive you don’t at first realise. Word your reply in a way that leaves you open to changing your mind.


A review of your budget will show you’ve been spending a little too much on small, everyday items such as travel, snacks, in-game purchases and the like. It is time to go through bank statements to work out exactly where you stand, financial-wise.


Meetings and serious discussions are high on your agenda. The chances are you will be slightly nervous. If you are unused to this type of situation, the tension may seem greater. Just as long as you are organised and you know exactly what you are going to say, you should do alright.


Don’t be proud. If you are struggling to pay for some required alterations in your home, talk to your family. A generous relative will offer to make you a loan. Give attention to areas in your life that could do with some improving. Discuss these with people who can help you.


Happier times are ahead as you get together with family and friends to enjoy each other’s company. Where you meet and what you are doing is not as important as who you are spending your time with. You are on the brink of taking a close relationship to a new level.


A partner may accuse you of always criticising them. You had only meant to offer constructive criticism. Just for today try to concentrate on their plus side. Make an effort to tell them what they want to hear and if this is not possible, don’t say anything at all.


Once you get your money situation in reasonable order you will start to feel more confident about all things financial. If you have been secretly working on plans for the future that have had to wait due to a lack of funds, it will be safe now to lay some of these in front of others who may be interested.


Family life is in turmoil as a partner or relative is determined to act on some adventurous plans, come what may. Included in these is a chance of travel. This will add the excitement and challenge to your life you have been looking for and you will want to get the best you can out of everything.


You do not know what is ahead, you don’t know what you are going to face when you get there but you feel a strong desire to strike out in a new direction. Small details such as getting the right documents should not be overlooked. 


Embarking on a new fitness routine will mean watching what you eat. Over the weeks ahead your schedule is such that you will be mixing with people with expensive and indulgent tastes. Temptation will be hard to resist. On considering this you might decide it is not such a good time to start a diet.


A friend or neighbour’s comments about a recent event will leave you puzzled. Their remarks may have been designed to get you to give your opinions. Mask your true intentions when it comes to business you are involved in that is of a joint or private nature. 


It will be in your best interest to follow your instincts. Ignore what others of a more serious nature are saying to you. If you want to experiment with something new, get on with it. There’s no harm in leaving non-urgent routine chores until another day.

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