How Ayesha Curry handles women ‘lurking’ around her husband Stephen

In the latest episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Red Table Talk,” the actress and hosts sits down with the dynamic women of the Curry family.

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In the interview, NBA star Stephen Curry’s wife, business women and author, Ayesha, got very real about what it’s like to be married to one of the league’s biggest stars and how she handles women “lurking” around her man.

Ayesha and Steph have been together since college and they’ve known each other for far longer than that.

The mother of three first commented on what an amazing “example” Steph’s mom, Sonya, has been, being that she too is married to Del Curry, a former NBA star.

“A lot of people in our situations don’t have that,” she said. “They enter into this big, crazy world and they go a little crazy.”

For this reason, Ayesha has always tried to have something for herself like her published works, her cooking empire and more.

“It’s gonna make my husband a better person as well, because he has this strong woman next to him, who has her own wants and needs,” she added. “I feel like I have greater value and passion, and I’m just happier that way.”

When asked by Smith what has been the most difficult thing in this world, Ayesha said, “Trying to figure out how to balance work life, mom life and being a wife.”

But she admits that she spent some time not working and not having her own life and she was “kind of miserable.” Now, she still has a “sense of self.” And while all the women on the show are successful, talented mothers, wives, entrepreneurs and more, they still have to deal with the life of being married to a professional athlete.

“How do you deal with all the women around your man?” Smith asked the ladies.

Ayesha said she doesn’t mess around.

“Stephen is very nice by nature,” Ayesha said. “Everything is always very friendly, sometimes to the point where, ‘I’m a grown woman,’ so, I’ll just insert myself and be like, ‘Hello, how are you doing?'”

She added that “the ladies will always be lurking, hoping for their moment and waiting.”

“I honestly hate it,” she added.

She added that Steph makes sure that if the duo are going somewhere together, he introduces everyone to his wife to make the situation clear.

“But there have been a couple of times, where I’ve wanted to punch somebody in the face for sure,” she said. “He can’t see it coming, I see it from a mile away.”

Smith joked around at how Willow was very protective of here mother around Will when she was very young. She recalled a story where a 5-year-old Willow jumped in her father’s lap because a co-star was in his trailer while he was shooting a movie.

“She said, ‘My mother is going to be here very soon,'” Smith told the table her daughter said. “I cracked up.”

She said for her, there was only one or two times that she felt disrespected.

“I know who I am and more importantly, he knows who I am,” Smith added. “You have to have an internal space of confidence.”

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