‘I ditched my friend after she asked to bring her boyfriend to my wedding’

One bride’s demands have been called “pure insanity” after she dumped her friend of nearly a decade for requesting a plus-one wedding invite for her boyfriend.

Cora Breilein has faced backlash online after she posted a series of screenshots of the Frequency Asked Questions” section of her website for wedding guests.

She posted a video on TikTok showing her requests for the wedding, and if her guests were able to follow the instructions on the big day.

In some screenshots, the 28-year-old bride criticised some wedding guests for arriving late on the day or asking if children could come to the wedding, but people online were shocked to discover that the bride had not allowed her friend’s boyfriend to attend the celebration.

Cora confessed that she and her new husband did not allow all wedding guests to invite their partner and only people named on the formal invitation could come to the wedding.

In the video, Cora wrote: “Lost a seven-plus year friendship over not inviting a boyfriend I never met.

“Our wedding felt so special and intimate knowing everyone there, It’s worth weeding people that aren’t interested in being part of your life, out.”

Cora’s video has gotten over five million views, but the bride has turned comments off on her videos due to how many hateful comments she received but has made video responses to some of the criticisms.

One user said: “Pure INSANITY if you can’t bring your partner to a wedding if you’re not married. So my partner of four years wouldn’t be welcome? [I] wouldn’t even attend.”

Cora responded to the commentator to clarify that boyfriends and girlfriends could come to the wedding as long as she had met them before.

She was only interested in having people “who will be in our lives long-term” at the celebration, which is why she allowed a friend’s fiance to come despite not having met them before.

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However, not all of Cora’s comments have been negative and some people raised the bride how how she handled her wedding day.

One person wrote: “This [situation] reminds me of the uncomfortable event where I had to spread my Dad’s ashes in front of my cousins [partner] who didn’t know him.”

Cora responded to the user in a video, and said: “People have been shaming me up and down saying I only care about my wedding for social media, I didn’t care about the guests there, even though I’ve explained multiple times how much thought and intention went into this wedding.”

Other commentators were on Cora’s side, as another person said: “Being invited to someone’s wedding is a privilege. Follow their rules on their day”

Somebody else said: “Let’s not forget [a plus one] costs money…I’d be strict too if I didn’t know them.”

Another user, who had presumably just gotten married said: “I’ve lost lifelong friends over not inviting their boyfriend of a month that I’ve never met. True colours come out [at weddings].”

Cora replied: “It’s honestly sad, but a good way to eliminate friendships that are on the outs. That was how I viewed it.”

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