I told my daughter to lie to her schoolteacher about being sick

I told my daughter to lie to her teacher about being sick so we could go on holiday, but she confessed at school – how do I come back from this?

  • A mother took to Mumsnet to confess she’d coaxed her daughter to lie 
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A woman revealed that she’s ‘mortified’ after her daughter was caught in a lie by her schoolteacher.

Taking to British parenting forum Mumsnet, the anonymous woman explained that plans to covertly jet away on a family holiday with her husband, daughter and in-laws had horribly backfired.

She admitted to coaxing her daughter into feigning sickness, so she would have an excuse to pull her out of school the following day – and warned her to keep it top secret from her school teacher.

But the six-year-old foiled the plan by confessing that she’d ‘be sick tomorrow’, causing the mother to be summoned for a stern word with the teacher.

The mother-of-one asked others how she could recover from the mess, with many lambasting her for asking her daughter to lie.

An anonymous woman took to Mumsnet to reveal she’s ‘mortified’ after her daughter was caught in a lie by her schoolteacher (stock image)

She explained: ‘I know I’m in the wrong in the situation, and this will teach me a lesson, but I keep thinking about it and I’m absolutely mortified.’

‘We had planned a small four-day vacation or long weekend from this past Friday to Monday night away with my husband, daughter, six, in-laws and me.’

‘My daughter had school on Friday but we thought we would just take her out of school that day to have an extra day to enjoy ourselves.’

‘I told my daughter who was very excited, but asked her not to tell her teacher and to just tell her, at the end of the day on Thursday, that she was feeling unwell, so that we could have an excuse and tell the school she was ill the next day (I know, I know).’

‘On Thursday, when I picked her up, her teacher asked me if she could have a quick word with me.’

‘My daughter had told her “she would be sick tomorrow.”‘

‘And following the teacher’s confusion, my daughter proceeded to explain that “we’re going on holiday, and Mummy doesn’t want me to tell you, so she said to tell you I would be sick tomorrow.”‘

‘How do I recover from this?’ she asked.

In the post, the mother shared the details behind her foiled plan – including her six-year-old daughter telling her schoolteacher she’d be ‘sick tomorrow’

Many advised the poster to learn from the fiasco and never ask her daughter to lie for her again.

In response to her question, one teacher wrote: ‘You don’t. But if it makes you feel better, we’re pretty good at spotting strategic sicknesses.’

‘Plus, children usually tell us where they’ve been when they come back. Just don’t ask your child to lie for you. School staff will judge you far more for that than for just taking her out for a couple of days.’

Another said: ‘Honestly I don’t know what you were thinking asking a six-year-old to lie. I think you need to own this and be honest.’ 

Someone else wrote: ‘You don’t recover. You learn (hopefully) not to force your child to lie to people.’

Many advised the poster to learn from the fiasco and never ask her daughter to lie for her again

Meanwhile, a fourth added: ‘Don’t have your children lie for you. What was the gain and what have you taught your child? Honestly what was the point?’

However some people thought the child’s candidness was cute, and didn’t think the situation was all that serious.

Someone wrote: ‘Ahahaha come on this is cute! So what a few days of school is missed? Don’t know why they are so strict about it.’

And one added: ‘In all honesty, I would be amused at your daughter’s candidness! But that’s as far as it would have gone.’

Others thought the situation was blown out of proportion, and thought a day or two out of school wouldn’t harm anyone

‘I wouldn’t have asked to speak to you and I wouldn’t do anything other than record your daughter as absent on the register.’

‘If it’s a child with no attendance issues and no safeguarding concerns – one day off “sick” before a bank holiday weekend wouldn’t bother me.’

‘I’d love to know what the teacher said to you about it, though. Did she just tell you what your daughter had done? Seems an odd thing to do.’

The post is so popular, it has since racked up almost 300 comments. 

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