I was on the cover of Playboy – now I make £16,000 a month humiliating men

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    A model who once graced the cover of Playboy now makes £16,000 a month humiliating men online as a dominatrix.

    Elizabeth Marie Chevalier says she feels reborn on her return to the adult industry, following a makeover which included going blonde and shelling out £8,000 on a boob job.

    The 29-year-old, who has 3.8 million followers on Instagram, hit the headlines last year after claiming men are intimidated by her good looks.

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    Despite her obvious beauty, the influencer and former Playboy model says she has a tough time with dating and struggles with her confidence.

    But now the OnlyFans, model is back with a bang – and a brand new look.

    Elizabeth has taken her boobs from a D to an E cup, and is swapping saucy snaps for shaming willing men into submission as an online dominatrix – and making $20,000 a month in the process.

    "It's been like a rebirth,” said the model.

    “My new look is so provocative — I feel completely different and I'm definitely getting more male attention.

    “And now men pay me to rate their d**ks and shame them.

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    "I love being dominant because I don't mind yelling at men, so it's quite cathartic to get my frustration out on them.”

    Elizabeth, who lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Tony Santoro, sees her work as a healthy outlet for men wanting to relinquish control to a woman online.

    The OnlyFans model says most of her clients come from high-powered lifestyles and she is more than happy to help them fulfil their fantasies.

    She said: "I never shame these people [from a personal viewpoint], I just go along with their fantasy and give them what they want, as long as I'm getting paid.

    “And it's always entertaining.

    "For instance, there was this guy who had a very small penis and wanted me to shame and rate him, and give it a low score – asking me to call him 'pathetic and worthless, with a small d**k'.

    “He also asked me to play the song ‘Short D**k Man’ in the background.

    "It was so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing.

    "It doesn't feel strange to be mean to these men; I actually love it because I feel like it makes them happy – which in turn brings me joy.”

    Aside from penis shaming – which is apparently a very popular request – the dominatrix’s clients also request “shaming” videos, which some of them reportedly send to their partner.

    Elizabeth said: "I've also had men ask me to make videos shaming their girlfriends; I think they get off on the idea of jealousy between women.

    "A lot of the time it is voice notes with me saying things like 'I have your man and 'he's mine now' or 'I just had sex with him last night'.

    "It’s ironic because I’m a girl’s girl in real life. That's not me at all and if I was that person's wife, I wouldn’t be happy.

    “But to me, it's just part of the job — I get those requests a lot.

    "Not all girlfriends dislike it either; some will use it to role play with their partners or they might have open relationships or practice some form of polyamory.”

    In another scenario, Elizabeth was invited to virtually join a pair as they engaged in BDSM activities.

    She said: "One guy who I spoke to over FaceTime was in full bondage gear, with another dominatrix in the room with him.

    "All I had to do was tell her what to do to him and torture him, it was like teamwork, we were both getting paid.

    "I also get some guys who dress up in maid outfits and makeup, who want to be ordered around.”

    Elizabeth also has a few “pay pigs” – men who like financial domination – as well as foot fetishists.

    She said: "A lot of men will ask for obvious things like feet pictures but some can get specific.

    "I have a lot of pay pigs who enjoy financial domination — with them I'll just demand payment and they'll send it to me.

    "When I send clips to them I'll usually say 'here's your video loser' – and they love it."

    Elizabeth, who is loving her new career, has no intentions of stopping anytime soon – saying her partner is very supportive.

    She is also “milking” the ‘blondes have more fun’ trope for all it’s worth.

    The model added: "My fans have been waiting for my return and they're definitely excited for this more explicit content, which I haven't done before.

    “Being blonde is sexier but I'm definitely a die-hard brunette at heart, so I will go back at some point.

    “But I feel like the new look gets me more attention right now.

    “This has given my confidence a boost and I really want to utilise that.

    "I'm ready to go full throttle, be out there and do it all.”

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