Iceland and Asda beat rivals to win best supermarket mince pies in Which? taste test

MINCE pies from budget supermarkets Aldi and Iceland have topped a blind taste test by Which?.

The consumer groups annual rating of the Christmas staple saw Asda’s Extra Special Mince Pies and Iceland's Luxury All Butter Mince Pies both score 73% from the strict judging panel.

The panel was lured in by Asda’s Extra Special Mince Pies “crisp” and “buttery” pastry, scoring well for flavour, texture, and intricate design.

Asda's cost £1.75 and £1.89 for Iceland's pies, making them some of the cheapest in the taste test.

Iceland's Luxury All Butter mince pies “tasted like a more expensive product,” testers said.

Which? scored just as highly for their taste, aroma, and texture, as overall joint first.

Price does not always mean quality as M&S Collection Mince Pies at £2.50 scored poorly for flavour.

They did have some of the best pastry, however, giving them a not-too-shabby 71% overall.

Best mince pies: the taste test

WHICH? compared all Supermarkets mince pies, so how did your local supermarket do?

  • ASDA Extra Special Mince Pies 73% £1.75 for 6
  • Iceland Luxury All Butter Mince Pies 73% £1.89 for 6
  • Tesco Finest All Butter Mince Pies 72% £1.75 for 6
  • M&S Specially selected Mince Pies71% £2.50 for 6
  • LIDL Deluxe All Butter Mince Pies 68% £1.49 for 6
  • Waitrose No.1 All Butter Mince Pies 68% £2.50 for 6
  • Morrisons The Best Mince Pies 64% £2 for 6
  • Co-op Irresistible All-Butter Mince Pies 66% £2 for 6
  • Spar Luxury All Butter Mince Pies 66% £2 for 6
  • Sainsburys Taste the Difference Mince Pies 58% £2 for 6

The worst of the pies came from Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range, at £2 for six, which scored only 58%, panelists said they were “claggy”, tasted “stale” and “overcooked”.

Massive disappointment from Morrison's The Best Mince Pies, also £2 for six, which were “too dark” and scored just 64%.

Asda’s and Iceland’s mince pies have joined the prestigious Best Buy list so are surely not to be missed. The cheapest mince pies came out on top and the most expensive were a massive flop.

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